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    Thanks,I am a member and I will look into that article.I was thinking of something like it but I didnt want to make the boomerang because I figured it was beyond my scope of technology. I read somewhere that there are more deaths related to twin engine aircraft than single engine.If thats the...
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    My corvair powered Twin might not be a standard config twin.Mabey it will be like a single thrust-line or crazy boom config.Does anyone have any info on Rutans boomerang?
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    Corvair Powered Twin

    I am hoping to build a 4 place twin engine all metal plane.I am not going to start the construction for several years.The 190 cid corvair engine can develop 120 HP and weighs about 200lbs.I have my heart set on corvair engines but the plane may require more h.p. for safe single engine...
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    New to the forum

    If I deleted 3 seats would it still be a 4 seat twin engine?
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    New to the forum

    Just joined.I am building a Zenith Aircraft Zodiac 601 XL, corvair powered, from plans.I have just started on it. I take my FAA Check ride for my PPL on wed. weather permiting.I want to build a twin engine all metal 4 place corvair powered low wing monoplane for my next project.I hope to get...
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    Why are twin engine a/c poor safety...

    Twin Avion, I am going to build a 4 place twin engine all metal plane in about 3 or 4 years from now and am looking to modify an existing design or if I have to I will design my own.I am no engineer but I know one who might help me.Please let me know about any progress you make on yours.