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    FlyNano is it a rehash of a Ligetti Stratos?

    Wasn't FlyNano the little seaplane that was going to start deliveries last summer? The one which most people said was vapour?
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    wood racing aircraft?

    The Extra and Edge aren't racing airplanes. Try the Laser series York Enterprises - Laser Aircraft Or Dan Rihn's designs from Ashcraft Aero Works -- Kits and Plans for Aerobatic Airplanes
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    Cessna debuts turbodiesel 182 new Xtreme Decathlon

    When a new 172 has a price tag over $300,000, I think this is a bargain.:roll:
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    Commercial Ag Application in E-LSA

    This is a career and you have to start at the bottom. If your dream is to be an airline pilot, then the regionals are pretty much the only way to do that. If that's your dream, then get used to the taste of Ramen. If your dream is toward a different side of flying, then the regionals may not be...
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    What is the "best" auto engine for aircraft use in the 250-350 HP range?

    Walter M601. Sorry it's not the answer to the question you asked, but it's the correct answer. It would be awesome for your application!
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    Bad Ideas

    Electric airplanes.
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    constructing a dielectric hull

    Is this a way of making the supersonic electric airplane I read about in the EAA Sport magazine?
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    Yesterday 17th 0f Dec 2011 marked the 108 years of flying with engine !

    I'm not sure everyone did fail before them, and certainly they failed afterward trying to document the first flight. They certainly achieved a lot, and are well regarded by history. Had they not been recognized as the first (in 1914) then someone else would have. Three-axis control was an...
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    Engine Pre -heaters

    I've used some interesting propane heaters with some Heath Robinson ducting to heat engines, so I like the idea of just plugging it in for an hour before flying. The engine blankets we use on our fleet will leave the engine still warm to the touch after eight hours of very negative...
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    EASA goes on war against N-registered aircraft

    They cannot, by treaty, dictate who may fly a FAA registered airplane. Nor can they dictate that US registered airplanes can't fly IFR, etc. They CAN limit how long a US registered airplane may be based in the UK.
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    Is a roll illegal without a parachute?

    Both a CFI giving instruction and his student are required flight crew. Since the exceptions only allow a student and instructor to exceed these limitations when doing maneuvers required for a checkride, it would suggest that using 'required flight crew' as an excuse to do aerobatics isn't...
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    I got layed off by Delta.

    I thought this sounded fishy.
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    I got layed off by Delta.

    Did you quality for the voluntary early-out? I heard they were only offering 6 months pay. Also are they parking 747s? I thought it was only 30 DC-9s.