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    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    Wikipedia mentions Dyke using wood to build a single seat delta. The Delta Stingray. It flew for 30 years before ending up in a museum. Anyone know which one?
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    Where have all the flying cars gone???

    "The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded Terrafugia’s Transition “roadable aircraft” a Special Light-Sport Aircraft airworthiness certificate. Based in Massachusetts, Terrafugia called the certificate issuance a “significant milestone” for its eventual use in both the air and on...
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    Burt Rutan made hand launch gliders to investigate planforms. He threw them from a roof. Remember: his company was named Scaled Composites. A reference to scale models. Toss some simple gliders. It is something aeronautical engineers do. I sometimes take 3x5 notecards and make...
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    OpenVSP Ground School

    Questions are often answered relatively quickly here:
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    Double Eagle or other alternative cheap and easy builds

    R.S. "Veeduber" Hoover, may he rest in peace, addressed the challenges you face in his blog and elsewhere on the net. Spruce is not the only wood you can safely use. Various alloys can serve. It is not written in stone that 4130 be used. Ideally, you make simple samples and test them. No...
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    OpenVSP Ground School At the link above you can find tutorials for OpenVSP. A parametric sketchpad for aircraft design. It is freeware supported by tax dollars which just keeps getting better - more powerful all the time. Many questions often posted to this forum can be answered by...
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    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    Here is much more information about the principles behind the Pneumagic efforts:
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    See this report: Calculate Traffic Worth and Revenue
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    Moment of inertia of Carlson spars

    Investigate - where an online calculator can help answer.
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    Informal testing for "minimum gauge" composite skin: hangar rash, handling

    What about when the impactor bounces? Perhaps these multiple strikes, at smaller velocities, are OK - because you can still compare results. Otherwise: an angled blow can serve. The target could be mounted at 45 degrees from vertical. Further, it might take multiple impacts to truly answer...
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    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    See this thread: Characteristics of a straight-wing, tailless model in the Langley free-flight tunnel Mike posted several times about his project.
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    Control surfaces chord percentage

    Having read about aircraft with one aileron, I muddy the waters of this thread with the preposterous notion: Just use one aileron. Weighs less. Builds faster. Sparks conversation wherever you fly.
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    An abbreviated, yet useful, test: Connect three routed struts in a triangle. Connect three conventional solid wood struts of equal volume and lengths. Orient both on a bench and press down from one apex toward the opposite side. Compare the two for strength. Is one more easily broken? How...
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    Testing the structure is a requirement. This is an unknown, untried construction method for which a formal analysis has not yet been done.
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    Correct, Victor, it will stress the upright. Adding another strut there improves the structure. A better question: How can the loads best be routed? The fundamental truss concept puts members into tension and compression, avoiding side loading. The long single-piece member above the pilot...