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    Parts Wanted Wanted: Graham Super Midget Plans
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    Parts Wanted Wanted: Graham Super Midget Plans Midget Mustang with retractable gear and folding wings.
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    New Time to Climb Record

    August 2018
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    Would planes be better if they were more like birds?

    The take-off and landing of birds produce envy in humans. We covet it. If we could get it, we definitely would want it. Assuming safety attained the levels we insist on. We also admire the compaction of birds. They take up far less space on the ground when not flying than when soaring. The...
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    Barton Sylkie One

    For the curious, here is the aircraft in question. The reason for providing the amazonaws link is to work around the viewing limit of the forum. By using the link you can zoom into a much...
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    Source for Carbon Rods?

    This may prove useful:,spar calculations.htm
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    Centre of lift in a swept wing?

    In all aircraft, only extensive flight testing can really nail down the practical limits of center of gravity - and the wisdom of using a particular planform. As in so many things in life on earth, the edges are the trickiest things to define or navigate. Then again, the edges are sometimes...
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    Centre of lift in a swept wing?

    Enjoy these. calculates only the wing. calculates two surfaces - canard, conventional, tandem wing.
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    Possibly Interesting Pultruded Material
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    Tillotson 212cc and 225cc on efficient ultralights?

    You need to go faster. ;) Like the first iteration of the Colomban Cri Cri. Engine horsepowers quoted in the table are for one engine, so double them, since the Cri Cri has two engines in every version.
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    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    More on Dyke's Stingray - some seems to contradict Wikipedia. Standard internet caveat applies. Or is Borcher's Stingray? Either way, a new grainy side-view photograph to inspect. Enjoy. 3 man-years of concentration! Props to Lowell. Both kinds. ;) Lowell Borchers won a special...
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    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    Wikipedia mentions Dyke using wood to build a single seat delta. The Delta Stingray. It flew for 30 years before ending up in a museum. Anyone know which one?
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    Where have all the flying cars gone???

    "The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded Terrafugia’s Transition “roadable aircraft” a Special Light-Sport Aircraft airworthiness certificate. Based in Massachusetts, Terrafugia called the certificate issuance a “significant milestone” for its eventual use in both the air and on...
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    Burt Rutan made hand launch gliders to investigate planforms. He threw them from a roof. Remember: his company was named Scaled Composites. A reference to scale models. Toss some simple gliders. It is something aeronautical engineers do. I sometimes take 3x5 notecards and make...