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    Is the Thatcher CX 5 still being supported?

    Yes, I had thought my next step would be to contact them directly. I figured I'd try here first in order to get some instant info, vs having to wait until tomorrow during business hours so to speak. I will probably give them a shout within the next day or so.
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    Is the Thatcher CX 5 still being supported?

    I tried researching the old sites to see if there is anything new. Only new info is regarding the CX-4. I really need to know if there is still support for this plane, so I can decide whether to keep working on it, or to move on. I don't want to go deeper into something that I won't be able to...
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    Is the Thatcher CX 5 still being supported?

    Is the Thatcher CX-5 still being supported or has this one fallen into the abyss like many other homebuilts? I started building one but lost my job not long thereafter(back in late 2014) and shelved it. I'm just now beginning to toy with the idea of restarting the project. Last I heard the...
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    Will automotive primer harm 6061 aluminum?

    I've painted my wing spars for my Thatcher CX5 using rustoleum auto primer. I just want an extra barrier to inhibit corrosion. I've already read all the info regarding the virtues of auto primer regarding corrosion resistance and since I've already done the deed, I assume the risk to my plane...
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    Where do you start

    The instruction manual for my build suggested starting by building the work table, which they gave a general idea of what size to build. That alone took me two weeks to accomplish. From there the manual suggested starting by building the firewall, then the fuselage formers. From there you...
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    How far do you live from your home airport?

    Our house is 5 miles as the Crow flies and about 7 miles by car to the airport. Takes me about 9 minutes to drive there.
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    Skyvector Facelift

    What's the difference between the two? Isnt DUAT and DUATS one in the same?
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    Skyvector Facelift

    I used DUAT.COM for a long time and really liked it. Last time I went to do some flight planning on that site it was closed down. Anyone know what happened there?
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    **** Shame...(Collings Foundation Grounded)

    Seems like a classic case of this town seeing a bigger tax base with a strip mall on the property instead of one entity. Happened not far from my town. A family owned orchard and nursery that had been there for a couple generations was suddenly placed under eminent domain and the land taken to...
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    Being practical with the homebuilt.vs. certified decision

    Yes and who pays for the parts when the leased back plane breaks?. Better get it in writing that the renter not the rentee does? If not then you may get stuck repairing and paying for a plane youre not even flying
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    Being practical with the homebuilt.vs. certified decision

    Consider the fact that there are probably a third as many Tomahawks as there are C 150s out there. Hence the reasoning as to why the accident rate for the Tomahawk overall may be lower.
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    I have a tire quandry.

    I've got a 5.00X5 Airtrac tire on my Cessna's nose gear. Its a rounded tire. I'd bet it would fit your application. Most likely as was said you've probably got a squared tire. For a glider Id think you'd want a rounded tire anyway.
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    What Inspired You to Start Flying? (Ideas, People, Quotes, Movies, etc)

    We were on a camping trip not far from Lewes Delaware back in the early 70's. My dad took my sister and I to a little grass strip airport that used to be there. A sign read "Airplane rides $5.00". Dad paid and then three of us went up with a pilot who had bad body odor. But it didn't matter to...
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    Single seat regret

    You can always rent a multiple seat aircraft for those few times that you may want to take someone for a ride.
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    Single seat regret

    I have two teenagers who love to fly. I personally enjoy having company when I go up, if even just for a short hop. I also enjoy taking people up who may happen down to the airport while Im there. Ive met alot of nice people that way and have introduced several kids to flying who would have...