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    Kr2s vs Kr super2

    The Saberwing is a kit not plans built
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    Kr2s vs Kr super2

    I have spoken to Garry Morgan via phone and was looking at the sierra I ran a few things past a local LAME who suggested to steer clear away and the KR-2 was a better option I was also under the impression from talking to garry he was mainly intrested in powered gliders at the time BTW that...
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    Kr2s vs Kr super2

    I'm curious about the KR-Super2 Plans on line downloadable for free Seems a better aircraft than the KR-2s As I believe you get what you pay for I'm obviously missing something
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    2 place wooden plans built

    What about a Falco Plans are free
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    Aussie Aussie Aussie....

    Nev from Gippsland I say AC/DC in the late 70s around 78 on there lock up you daughters tour at the sale memorial hall My kids don't believe me
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    Ligeti Stratos

    This may be of some help
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    Kr2s vsKR super2

    Wondering what the difference between the KR-2s and the KR super2 is
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    Carlson Sparrow II

    I am trying to seek infomation on this Aircraft Seems the company or rights to the plan is in limbo Are there plans available?
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    Kit suggestions? 2 place, LSA Side by Side, plans built, Revmaster or C75 to O-200

    Re: Kit suggestions? 2 place, LSA Side by Side, plans built, Revmaster or C75 to O-20 Cherry BX-2 may be?? plans seem rather expensive tho
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    Cherry BX-2 Plans

    Looking for Cherry BX-2 Plans
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    KR2 KR2s Plans

    Well if anyone giving them away I'm excepting But am willing to buy
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    KR2 KR2s Plans

    WOW what's the problem with it Everyone I have spoken too up to now have raved how got it is? For me it tick more boxes than any other for a scratch build
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    KR2 KR2s Plans

    Wondering if anyone has a set of KR2 KR2s Plans they want to sell
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    Mustang II plans w/ folding wings

    And if he doesn't buy them I will
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    What Engine basics

    While looking to build a VW engine for a future build I approached a local VW enthusiast Only to be confronted with questions like Size, Single or duel Port etc I can assume size is a dependent on aircraft But Ports???? What else is a criteria Is there a conversion chart somewhere CC to HP...