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    Home built parts value

    Not to derail the topic, but would a 170 pound, 6'4'' person fit in a Baby Great Lakes?
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    Back country pilots wanted!!

    Well, when the government tells us how to run our companies through rules, regulations and such, then taxes us on how well we do, (even going as far as taking increasing amounts based on how much more our companies make) they in effect own our companies. So, I would argue we don't have true...
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    Back country pilots wanted!!

    You have to be willing to work to get a job, that's where most people get hung up. Where I live in WI, you can't go a mile into town without seeing at least 5 signs that say "Hiring, starting at $16/hr" But, I know at least 3 people who claim they need jobs, they just want to work in the field...
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    Back country pilots wanted!!

    Well, I would not be too sure about the public school ones.
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    X-country flight from WI to NH

    I did a little more looking into it, and decided the weather is too harsh. It would be an awesome trip, but it is a bit much in the wind.
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    Need for a Dive Brake?

    Just do a monster side slip.
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    Liquid cooled / fuel injected A65 cylinders

    I don't have a particular project in mind, but just want to update aircraft engines a bit. I am not a pro by any means, but I read about a guy in an older Sport Aviation who was cranking 145 horsepower out of an O-200 and burning 8 gallons an hour. He had it in a Vari-Ezi. So, I thought one...
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    Liquid cooled / fuel injected A65 cylinders

    N659HB, Thank you for the link. He seems to have a lot of experience with the small Continentals.
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    Liquid cooled / fuel injected A65 cylinders

    Is there such a thing as liquid cooled cylinders for an A65 engine? What about fuel injection and electronic ignition, to boost fuel economy and or power?
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    X-country flight from WI to NH

    No, I would go around Michigan. I would still need to go south to clear Canada and Lake Erie anyways. But, yeah that whole water thing is sketchy.
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    X-country flight from WI to NH

    How possible would a flight from KHXF to KEEN in a Piper Super Cruiser? In December? Skyvector says it will take me about 10 hours, but that is for today's weather. Are there any tools that let me use typical December weather to factor in for a flight? I know this is not related to Experimental...
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    Whatever became of ......

    What happened to HCI Aviation? They made9or claimed to make) radial engines that used VW cylinders.
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    Steve Krog

    So did your buddies at EAA get back to you aboput the articles?
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    Jurca Plans West

    What happened to Jurca Plans West? Whenever I look for it, it comes up as "for sale." And, are the plans that you get from France in French, or is there an English version? I have been to the French website, but all of the Google translate-isms are kind of...Interesting.