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    Hi call me Cooper, just got a J3 kitten by Hipps superbirds

    I don't know Duane Counts personally, but it was a shame that he ran such a good little company into the ground. I've heard he was an exceptional welder, preferring to work on off-shore oil rigs. This only rumor, I also did some checking on him a few years ago, including a call to the...
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    Crankshaft Failures

    I noticed he had a composite prop, it should have been wood. I hope when he gets his engine rebuilt he uses a wood prop or he will have the same result.
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    Question About Running 50/50 Blend of Aeroshell and Synthetic

    I thought AeroShell was a semi-synthetic
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    (Hollywood Physics) Does Jet Fuel Explode?

    We used to crawl under a Huey with a can of sand and drained a little JP4 out of the sump, never had a problem getting it lit. Heated up C rations for 3 or 4 guys.
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    Steps to scratch build a VW

    Thanks from me as well Little Scrapper. I have recently been checking websites for Aero VW parts. Any recommendations on Scat cranks? Are they aviation friendly? Thanks!
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    Are dual spark plugs still needed?

    Dual mags were introduced to prevent detonation, not so much for redundancy, but they do provide spark if one quits.
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    Air Force One Question

    Is the plane in the picture the one that was discovered in Duff's in Denver and restored?
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    For Sale Christavia MK1

    Very nice, I wish I could afford.
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    Briggs vanguard conversions

    Very nice, I wish I could afford.
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    4A084 Engine: Free to good home!

    Taken or still available?
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    Wanted Wanted Preceptor Ultr Pup Plans

    Would like to buy a set of plans for Ultra Pup, I also have a set of Christavia plans unused either for trade or sale. Would like $175 shipped in US. Please call, 402-322-3132, I'm not always on forum. Thanks.
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    The New Preceptor Aircraft Co.

    Can't locate on the internet, are they out of business again?
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    Bounsall Super Prospector

    Is there anyone selling the copies of the updated plans mentioned earlier? Also has anyone compiled a materials list? I have been interested in this plane since the '80's when I read an article where he ran out of gas and basically crash landed in the desert near a group of illegal migrants...