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  1. narfi

    Narfi's Scratch Built Zenith 750 Super Duty

    Not much to report, I am afraid. Had so much fun with the trimaran that when it got cold we decided to build an iceboat, so even as simple/primitive as it is, it still took us some time. Took almost all of Feb off in Florida and the Caribbean. Trying to catch up at work now and winter lethargy...
  2. narfi

    HBA Member "Day Jobs"

    Had a share in a 150 when I was 15-17, got my license and moved to Alaska working for an Air Taxi in 1997 and haven't really flown since. Apprenticed for my A&P, got my IA, and am now DOM still with the same company. Work keeps me busy, but still find time to build boats and started on a Zenith...
  3. narfi

    Why are C150s (and other trainers/entry level planes) suddenly so expensive??

    Check out the new and used yacht market, 3yrs out if you want a new boat and all the good used ones are already sold, so the price of the used crappy ones are selling for what would have been a good price on the good ones. Its a weird time for individuals these last couple of years with...
  4. narfi

    what can be logged toward repairman cert or A & P?

    As someone who got their A&P this way and has helped several get theirs since, I respectfully disagree with a lot of your post. 1. You only have to prove your time to the satisfaction of the FAA representative signing you off to take the tests.... It is up to them how they want you to prove it...
  5. narfi

    New Guy,

    To follow up what I posted above, some of the kit manufacturers sell 'introduction' kits. Usually a rudder or other simple part. You can purchase them without making a huge financial commitment, and then build it yourself and decide if you enjoy that method and workflow. Since I had suggested...
  6. narfi

    New Guy,

    I don't think you can go wrong with the Fisher plans. Esp. since you stated you like biplanes. Another budget oriented wood option is the Team Mini-Max planes You haven't stated any previous life skills that may cross over, but I am sure you probably would end up more comfortable with one of...
  7. narfi

    LSA a regulation for design and build

    Sounds like potential for the practical usefulness of a well worded placard.
  8. narfi

    how is double ender going now?

    And the Skigull And Privateer Industries And the Gweduck And .......
  9. narfi

    Narfi's Scratch Built Zenith 750 Super Duty

    Sailed, modified, broke, and repaired the sailboat a while. Evenings are getting cooler so Wednesday night I sanded all the epoxy drips off the work table and dug out some zenith parts. Last night laid out some steel tube for straight support jigs. (Table is on dirt and uneven after a few...
  10. narfi

    Why do you want to fly Alaska ?

    Meeting across the lake for a picnic, Gathering at the beach to go clam digging, Receiving a load of fuel oil, Berry picking near a small remote lake, It can be a dangerous environment, Receiving groceries, Receiving boat building supplies, Shipping cars/vehicles or the lumber...
  11. narfi

    Why do you want to fly Alaska ?

    I don't share much personal info online, but if planning a trip send me a pm and I can link you to our bnb on a remote strip like that where we live. National park and all :) Been a crazy summer for tourism here, way too many people pent up for a year neeeeeding to get out and go somewhere...
  12. narfi

    Why do you want to fly Alaska ?

    Its how I get home :)
  13. narfi

    LSA a regulation for design and build

    When building scale models for testing, I am curious how power is scaled. A 1/5th(0.2) scale model is really 1/125th(0.008) the volume(and if scaled for weight mass as well?), correct? (scale cubed, aka in all 3 dimensions) So a plane designed for 120hp would need to be limited to less than...
  14. narfi

    world travelling hybrid aircraft-balloon airship powered by the jet stream and an array of isothermal air motors and solar stirling engines.

    I don't know most of those words.... Are we talking about a lifting body dirigible with enough energy storage devices/capacity to use captured solar and wind for controlled approaches and departures, while being able to capture enough to be a self-contained and self-sufficient 'air base' at...
  15. narfi

    The "Skyflow" cedar strip Flea

    Have you looked at visibility issues with options 2-5? It looks like you may not be able to see much besides the cowling and horizon.....