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    Green zinc chromate primer as final finish

    I painted the interior of my RV-8 with SEM gray primer. Used a light tack coat followed by 2 wet coats of SEM. Then, I covered it with 2 light coats of Eastwood 2k matte clear. All rattle can. People keep telling me I'll have trouble with it. But, I have a test piece that's been tossed...
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    Current state of Great Plains Aircraft?

    I bought some pre-welded exhaust pipes about 2 months ago. It took awhile. But, I did get them. With GPAS, I always order online, then follow up with a phone call.
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    IPad/ Foreflight

    I use an iPad Air 2 in the Sonerai. It has cellular capability. But, I don't have it on a cell plan. It can provide GPS for Foreflight. But, because I have a Sentry ADS-B receiver, its not really necessary. As far as room, I've also used the Air 2 in various Cessnas, no problem. I...
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    How to make a propeller driven aircraft go really fast ?

    Does anyone know what kind of minimum weight you’d need to achieve those kind of speeds in propeller driven airplane using the engineering and materials we have today? I’d be worried about mass distribution problems and flutter in really light weight aircraft with controllable surfaces and the...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Actually riveting fuselage together. Hoping to have the whole canoe riveted and ready to install main gear legs before the first of the year. Lower longeron getting riveted F-815 inboard mid-fuselage rib getting riveted to center section. Took some time to drill out and replace some ugly...
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    What are you designing, building, flying or interested in?

    If you build the -8, just do the QB kit. Unless you're a dedicated scrounger who's more interested in the process than the airplane, the cost savings just isn't that much (IMHO). This is from someone who bought an RV-8 empennage kit in 1999, didn't start building until 2014, and is still 1 -...
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    thrust expected from an 1834cc VW?

    Didn't we just do this recently? ... Static thrust
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    This is (was) one of the most stunning airplanes from the golden age. I can't wait to see the replica fly. Ed Hall's Bulldog
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    Criminal law against flying without license ?

    Very interesting story! https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-tale-of-when-a-marine-mechanic-stole-an-a-4-skyhawk-1745015819
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    What are you designing, building, flying or interested in?

    I own and fly a Sonerai IIL. You may have seen it before, its the cover plane at Sonerai & Sonex Community Forum. there was also an article about it, written by the previous owner, in Kitplanes. ("Born Again" TX Sonerai - KITPLANES). Although I didn't build it, maintaining it day to day has...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Still dimpling fuselage parts. Actually lost the male die to my pop-rivet dimpler. Was pulling against a 6d nail. And it snapped when I wasn't expecting it. I have more on order, so finishing one bulkhead location on aft bottom skin will have to wait for those. In the meantime, I...
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    Drill sizes

    My nice pneumatic drill motor turns at 4,000 RPM and has a "full-tease" trigger. I think its easier to make nice holes in 6061 T6 angle and bar stock, and in steel weldments.
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    Drill sizes

    I didn't think hardware store drill bits were the same as the NAS907 specification bits I've been buying from Aircraft Tool Supply and Aircraft Spruce (135 degree, split point, HSS or Cobalt). Am I wrong? By the way, Aircraft Spruce has a location in Canada. They ship and they take PayPal.
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    Criminal law against flying without license ?

    I found this. It does look like at least one guys has gotten some jail time for flying GA without a license. https://www.oig.dot.gov/library-item/28930