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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    I feel for the pilot. Anyone who's ever tried to land a 172 and was surprised to have it go surfing down the runway with a tail wind knows exact how that feels. With the power lines right at the end of a short strip, he likely had zero options. Glad no one got hurt!
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    Flight testing...

    I used my little Sonerai to try out some flight testing 'technique' in anticipation of doing the phase I on my RV-8. For just one flight test card, "best-glide speed", I made a total of 30 passes in one flight. Holding airspeed precisely constant for each data point was challenging. The...
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    How would you win the Sport Racing class/why am I wrong?

    Lancair Legacy, a trailer full of custom built Continental TSIO-550s, the best crew chief, lots of ground crew, a full machine shop, and a very understanding wife. And, oh yeah, lots and lots of practice!
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    Sidestick control vs control yoke vs panel-mounted control wheel

    I like the traditional stick between the legs, throttle on the left set up. However, in my little Sonerai, I only have a handheld radio that is clipped to the canopy cross brace just in front of me on the right side. At first, it felt awkward to control pitch/roll with left hand while pressing...
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    Why do you want to fly Alaska ?

    Couldn't be anybody else. Aside from that unmistakeable mug, the pickup truck is well known for a couple of reasons.
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    Why do you want to fly Alaska ?

    I'll bet you've met this guy. And, I'll bet he's got some of your money... ;-)
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    Scattering Ashes?

    Having had lots of experience throwing (and accidentally dropping) things out of helicopters, I can tell you there is no graceful way to do it. The best way is some kind of container that holds the "cremains" until well below the aircraft slipstream, then dumps them all at once gives the best...
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    Dash/Breaker Labeling

    I'm waiting for my DecalProFX starter kit and pouch laminator to be delivered. So far, I've got a little over $200 invested in this. I'll let you know how it works once I get trained up on it. I've been told its a bit of a steep learning curve. But, the results are very impressive...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Seems like I get a day or 2 of progress, then life seems to get in the way. Finally got back in the shop today and worked out the stack up on the elevator horns and center bearing. And then, I decided to drill the end of the elevator horns for the control tube rod end bearing by taking the...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Got the vertical stab drilled onto fuselage. Before I committed to drilling the front spar, I clamped everything up, verified the key dimensions called out in the plans, and even attached the rudder to check for binding. Happy to say I got edge distance on the lower row of rivets on the VS...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I wouldn't do anything based on one compression test. That's like sneezing once and declaring you have a cold. What have compression tests been like in the past, has it been getting worse? And more importantly, how's it run? Does it seem to be making good power?
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Have horizontal stab drilled onto fuselage. Searching for missing mounting plate for vertical stab. Also, did a little polishing on the SkyDesigns gear legs.
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    Teardrop Pattern Entry

    I use a handheld in my Sonerai. I use the original whip antenna that came with it. It works great with a typical range of 10 miles or so, at the altitudes I usually fly at. There are a couple of rules you have to observe when using a handheld radio: 1. It must be kept vertical. Com...
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    Teardrop Pattern Entry

    In a perfect world, we'd all have radios and perfect radio discipline. But, .... I often stop talking on the radio and just concentrate on not getting hit when the CTAF gets stupid. No one can possibly know what the heck is going on anyway. I'm better off not adding to the confusion. I just...
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    Teardrop Pattern Entry

    Military units get budgeted "X" amount of dollars and "X" amount of fuel. Sometimes it makes economic sense at the squadron level to use some of the dollars when the fuel budget is getting limited, especially around August/September time frame (which is the end of the fiscal year for the...