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    Why Gas Engines Are Far From Dead - Biggest EV Problems

    A little background on the lithium problem: China Rushes to Dominate Global Supply of Lithium Lithium Mining in China - Lithium Mining - The Worldwide Website
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    Basic Woodworking Book for New Builders?

    I got a giggle out of this (note the price):
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    Have to wonder

    Engrish 2nd language, okay Joe? You very funny guy!
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    Have to wonder

    I bought my RV-8 tail kit in 1999. Didn't start working on it till 2014. I'm still working on it (now on fuselage) when I have time. Don't count anyone out till they sell out.
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    Tell us what you are building!

    The new project aircraft VP 2. Ukraine
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    Tell us what you are building!
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    Aerovee magnetrons.

    Old ETs with Radar will have a hard time accepting that particular usage of the word. The introduction to the wonders of the magnetron was sometimes traumatic.
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    New...Old Guy...64 years young

    I think its working for me. Turned 61 and quit my job. I've lost 15 pounds and don't have heartburn anymore. I'm flying more. And, I'd swear there's more hair on my head. Peach fuzz, but still....
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    Don't Do Anything Dumb

    PAX bailing out ------>
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    Don't Do Anything Dumb

    Well, on the farm I spent part of my youth on, "hog wire" is what we used for repairing wire fences and many other tasks. A little heavier than bailing wire, and a little easier on your hands. Now, it looks like what the internet calls hog wire is something else.
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    Don't Do Anything Dumb

    Wow! He's really lucky he didn't get a wooden stake up the old wazoo. Looks like San Joquin valley, around Fresno area. Those rows are propped up with wooden stakes and hog-wire. No bueno!
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    Solid Rivet shop head size criteria

    I use this 2lb tungsten bucking bar for almost everything 3/32 & 1/8.
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    The useful facts for beginners thread

    Tip: Tips from the internet are worth about as much as the paper they're written on.
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    Still breathing!

    Ha! I told my boss almost 7 months ago that I was resigning as of March 15th. For the past 15 years, I worked in a Level I trauma center as a CT and trauma X-ray technologist, right in what is now Seattle's "ground-zero" for the pandemic. On March 15th, I had my first and last COVID-19...
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    Solid Rivet shop head size criteria

    Van's section 5, paragraph 5.4 does a nice basic intro to riveting if you're not jazzed about wading through mil-spec.