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    How do I know?

    That is what I was thinking, the definition of airspace is like an upside down wedding cake and my desire is to stay out of the airspace, under the cake like other type certified non-engine driven electrical system aircraft. Exactly, having had to deal with DOT in the trucking industry over...
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    How do I know?

    I live near CLT class B and used to fly "under" the shelf without a transponder all the time, I have no desire to fly in the actual class B airspace and prefer to fly under the shelf. Most local planes that don't have electrical systems continue to fly under the shelf regularly and I wanted to...
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    How do I know?

    Here's a pic of my Hatz - I have a few videos on Youtube as well - search for N89DG. It was built in 1988 - not sure how to reach the original builder or he is even still alive.
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    How do I know?

    I have been flying my Hatz for a few years now, purchased it as-is and have upgraded/repaired a few things. How do I know what it was originally approved with - electrical, starter, generator, etc.??? The logs are terse and barely covers many of the details of the aircraft. Where can I find out...
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    Sun n Fun 2021

    My business has kept me away from SNF for the last 9 years, but when I figured out I could go this year it didn't take me long to decide to go. My wife was excited to go anywhere even if it involved airplanes/masks/etc. so she is tagging along.
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    Who here has no need/intention to add ADS-B OUT?

    I have no plans to install it, I have fun with my Hatz just outside the Charlotte Class B and just plan extra time if I have to fly around it to get somewhere. I do have a Stratux ADSB-In so I can stay just outside the Mode C veil and not get into trouble.
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    Favorite airports

    I agree 100% - the porkchops were worth the trip from NC for the Hatz Biplane/Pietenpol Fly in
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    Favorite airports

    BQ1 - Gilliam-McConnell Field - for awesome pulled pork Bar-B-Q and a museum just off the field. If the weather is nice there is always a few planes there for lunch, and often antique cars, motorcycles, etc. in the parking lot.
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    Favorite airports

    Triple Tree (SC00) is my local favorite Sedona (KSEZ) is a bucket list airport, had breakfast there once on vacation and swore I'd come back to land there someday .
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    Anybody with hot wire foam cutting experience near Savannah?

    I have always used a variable transformer with decent results and better wire heat control. Amazon link for Variable Transformers
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    HBA First Annual Home Built Aircraft Meet

    I vote for Triple Tree, it doesn't get any more grassroots than a 7000' grass strip with plenty of spots to camp around it. Triple Tree Aerodrome
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    Aircraft Speeds

    Having built a couple of aircraft I can vouch that build quality affects everything. I wanted to know advertised specs just to see where each plane fits in the grand scheme of things. The Kitplanes annual listing is what I was looking for, thanks! Is there one for certified aircraft?
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    Aircraft Speeds

    Is there a list anywhere of experimental (and/or certified) aircraft listing their performance specs in comparison?
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    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    EAA, HBA, VansAirForce, Hatz forum, Biplane Forum, Barnstormers and Flight Chops
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    Best decision ever.....JUST DO IT !!!

    I had one of those young "time collector" CFI's wasting my hours to go commercial, we spent lots of hours (40+) flying the same pattern and/or occasionally doing maneuvers. One day we went to the practice area and did maneuvers, but he (we?) didn't check for TFRs and managed to bust one...