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    Taylor Titch Anniversary

    MY plans for the Titch show only a two piece spar.
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    Hello from an aspiring pilot and experienced DIYer

    Well, you could at least taxi at a good clip with a 1300 cc VW. Don't plan on flying it though, unless you have a looong runway and like to fly at tree top level, carefully, maybe.
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    That's too kool. Reminds me of the Sterling model airplane kits of old, with the die-crushed balsa parts, though these parts look more like the current model parts that are laser cut. Could you elaborate on on the process of how you did this? Questions I have are what software do they work with...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I ran wires from the wingtip nav lights/strobe to the landing light area, located the aileron push rod in the right wing and messed with the aileron push rod length and adjusted the rod end bearings to proper length. This is from the bellcrank to the aileron horn. All this is on the Arion...
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    Visibility ? See and be seen ?

    Thousands of yellow Piper Cubs couldn't be wrong.
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    Building a VW Aero-Engine

    Pops, Thanks for your videos, they are informative. However, I would like to make a suggestion: locate the camera where we can get a closer view of your matter subjects. I believe a closer view of your home made tools and other engine mods would be easier to understand if we could get a better...
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    Chilton DW1 Build

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    Great plane name

    The VP-1 is as beautiful as the Stuka in the same sense.
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    Good bandsaw for making forms

    How'd you know my uncle's name is Bob?
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    Building a VW Aero-Engine

    English is indeed a difficult language to learn, but I've managed. Spanish is my native language. Thank you for your videos. I'd like to see some from you on your take of intake systems, carburetion, maybe details of your oil cooling setup, baffling etc. I know it's a lot to ask, but it would...
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    Taylor Titch Anniversary

    It's a Taylor Monoplane.
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    Taylor Titch Anniversary

    The Corby Starlet ain't too shabby either. Here's a pic of mine.
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    Taylor Titch Anniversary

    The tapered wing, tail and that Spitfire like vertical tail make the Titch a beautiful plane. Terry Taylor recommended an 0-200 Continental for power. Fast plane.
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    Taylor Titch Anniversary

    I too have the Taylor Titch plans and have built most of the metal parts, including the spring gear parts that bolt to the spar. I did not care for the spring steel gear, though I have it on my Corby Starlet. Terry also recommended the 2" wider option. I have the Starlet and currently trying to...
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    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    The weight and length of those extension cords will limit your altitude and range.