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    T-51 Mustang on Ebay

    Scrap metal at the yard might get you a few bucks.
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    I have a reduced printed copy of the plans. I'll dig them out and see if I can find the info on the main spar dimensions. Does anybody have a table of ordinates on the wing airfoil?
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    Airplane plans inventory

    They are the full size drawings, not reduced or down loaded copies and three-ring binders full of info included.
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    Airplane plans inventory

    I have the complete paper plans and builder manuals in three ring binders for a Falco, the Ferrari of wooden aircraft, in my opinion. What are they worth, if anyone knows, please chime in. Thanks.
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    Current state of Great Plains Aircraft?

    I like it, I LIKE it! Simplify and minimize. If you toss it up in the air and falls, it's probably too heavy.
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    First applications of composite material in home built or GA aircraft

    That almost sounds like it was in pre historic times, Pops. My first radio was a Heathkit that I assembled, a big blue box, so that seems almost as long ago too. Almost.
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    Oshkosh 2021

    It can also starve you to death.
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    It DOEs look like a coffin...
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    Alternative leading edge material?

    Something similar was tried by Molt Taylor. He talked about fiberglass reinforced cardboard, I think.
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    Fastest planes on the least amount of HP

    Nice numbers! What about the slow speed numbers? Stall speed and can you easily get in and out in a 1900 ft. rolling turf runway? I've always admired the Tailwind, especially the W-10 with its tapered wing tips.
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    Fastest planes on the least amount of HP

    That CEA-308...what a magnificent and beautiful machine. I'm in love (again)!
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    Pik-26 conclusion is near

    Thank you, so is yours.
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    Pik-26 conclusion is near

    Hi Andre, here's a picture of my Corby for your review. Best regards, Bernardo
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    Pik-26 conclusion is near

    Thank you Angelo. I do have Corel Cad loaded in my computer, so the file is perfect. Still trying to navigate Corel Draw some since most of my experience has been with AutoCAD, but they're quite similar. Thanks again.