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    For Sale Plans for sale or trade.

    All plans sold.
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    For Sale Plans for sale or trade.

    Varieze plans sold
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    For Sale Plans for sale or trade.

    The midget mustang plans sold. I am asking $250 for the ch750 plans and parts. $50 for the Varieze plans.
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    For Sale Plans for sale or trade.

    I have three sets of plans I'm not using. Midget Mustang w/ m1 canopy option. Vari eze zenith ch750 w/ rudder and elevator ribs already formed make an offer. I'm looking for a set of bearhawk patrol plans if anyone is willing to trade.
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    Ok thanks for the information I will check it out.
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    Let's design together!

    The corvair is narrower than the o-200 so there would be a slimmer frontal profile and its cheaper to build and maintain than an o-200. Also you can build the corvair from 100hp to 140hp and keep the weight the same.
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    Let's design together!

    Why not a midget mustang with a corvair would be fun.
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    STOL airfoil

    I am thinking about designing a stol wing. I have narrowed it down to 2 airfoils, the naca 6515 (zenith) or the goettingen 387 (storch) both without slats and adding leading edge cuffs and vgs. Would like like some opinions or other thoughts on either of these designs.
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    My name is Patrick Thompson. I'm currently building a CH701 long wing version without slats. Don't get to work on it much through the summer months, but plan to complete the fuselage this winter. I'm ground support for a firebomber during the summer.
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    Tell us what you are building!

    I'm building a Zenith CH 701 long wing conversion without slats.
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    Wanted Looking for Preceptor STOL King plans

    I'm looking for a set of STOL king plans also.