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    twin engine light sport plans?

    In my experience, as with all aircraft, twins have their pros and cons. Yes you can fly on one engine, should you loose one of them. Does it climb well? In my limited experience No! and only up to a certain altitude. You are much more limited in the manuevarability and controllability of a twin...
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    Long Time Lurker in Utah

    Hi there! I am a Multi Commercial CFII that has not flown in a lot of years due to the cost of flying. I do not work in aviation any longer, but I can't wait until I can fly again. I am a 4th Generation Pilot with my Great Grandfather being an Army Air Core Insturctor. My Great Uncle soloed 16...
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    Radial Rocket RG Flight Test Video

    As someone that is anxiously anticipating the pricing of the Radial Rocket RG, I think it is a great option. I hesitate to build a tailwheel aircraft for the simple fact of giving people rides. When I have given rides in the past in Tailwheel aircraft, many get nervous due to all the S turns...