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    Still breathing!

    All okay here. A few cases in immediate vicinity. 5 deaths. Got enough supplies to last a few weeks. Y’all be safe fellows.
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    Steps to scratch build a VW

    Sonex will send you their VW assembly DVD of the AeroVee 2180. I had it, but gave it to the guy that bought my Starlet project. It is a good step by step video.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread Stuart Robinson was the pilot involved. He is owner of Ag Aviation in Welsh LA. His dad was Jack Robinson, who started the company. My nephew is his only other pilot. The plane was a Air Tractor 503. My nephew also flies a 503...
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    New two seater jet aircraft from Sonex

    I met Corky at an Airshow in Lake Charles in the 80s at some point. He was the featured act that year. He is a good guy. Pretty well grounded.
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    Corby Starlet

    No. They are not selling plans. The husband passed away a couple of years ago and his widow is not continuing the business. She still had some of the manufactured steel parts (hinges, etc) available last year, but may be all gone now. I think the name was Pat? Boyce. Join the yahoo usergroup...
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    For Sale Corby Starlet Project

    SOLD... Thank you Peter from Hamilton, ON.
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    For Sale Corby Starlet Project

    New lower price
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    For Sale Corby Starlet Project

    The $2800 CAD price was a typo. My bad. It should have been $3800. Never the less, it is reduced again to $3650 CAD or $2700 USD. Sorry for the misinfo.
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    Corby Starlet Plans

    Mr Boyce in Lakeland passed away a year or so ago and is widow is not continuing the business. John Corby seems to be retreating from any active involvement in the sales of plans and builders notes. As far as I know, there is no construction manual “Begin here” type of instructions. The plans...
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    For Sale Corby Starlet Project

    After too many starts and stops, a never ending health issue, I’ve decided to discontinue my work on the Corby. I’ve got it listed in an Ontario buy/sell group. Below is the link to the list. $2800 CAD or $2800 USD. Price is flexible within reason...
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    Rocket man flight

    Evel Kenevil was unconscious before his steam driven rocket bike was off the launch ramp and luckily had a dead man release for the parachute in his limp hand to release the parachute. The amount of g forces immediately must be incredible using steam release as a launch propellant. This guy must...
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    Getting ready to start Cri-Cri; need shopping advice

    MadRocketScientist may be able to help you
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    For Sale Corby Starlet

    On Barnstormers in Washington state. Complete, flying (?) nice looking Corby Starlet. He asking $10,000. Low hours Revmaster. If link doesn’t get to his ad, “search” Corby Starlet.
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    Loehle Aero Coatings?

    She was a very big part of the company. He may have taken a break. But it does seem strange that the site was taken down without an announcement.
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    What Kind of Country Have We Become...

    At the times the rules were written,, I think his daddy was Boss Hogg. Must’ve been an oversight on his part.:)