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Mike W
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  • Hi Mike,
    I've just found a thread featuring your flying wing. I'm interested in flying wings especialy the Debreyer Pelican., which you refer to it in one of your posts. I have the plans and have contacted Others with an interest in it. My plan is a retirement project (dreaming at the moment). It seem like a relatively quick and cheap build, good for limited resources and limited time. Your MW10 is very similar and I'm interested as to why you have designed your own. Is it because you wanted to, or because yours has better performance or other advantages? What sort of performance figure do you envisage? The performance for the Pelican is modest but then I only want to stooge about locally. A few more knots would be nice, and I've thought about a few modifications but then everything starts to get complicated, destroying the very thing which attracted me to it in the first place. As regards your wing, it makes a nice change to see an interesting project happening in the UK.
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