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    Don't Dry Start your Engine

    Meant to post back on me changing my oil filter brand... For years I had assumed using Fram oil filters was the best I could do to protect my 94' Toyota trucks engine. I also assumed that loud 'clickity-clack' sound on start-up was just the 'normal' sound of the engine as the oil made it's way...
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    Which Router for ribs?

    Just a heads up, Amazon.com is having a Wood Router Sale, up to 45% off! Check it out. http://www.amazon.com/s/qid=1242076277/ref=sr_hi?ie=UTF8&rs=552866&bbn=552866&rh=n%3A228013%2Cn%3A%21468240%2Cn%3A328182011%2Cn%3A551236%2Cn%3A552866&page=1 Mike
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    Harvard replica one day

    Love the AT-6! Beautiful timeless aircraft with heaps of history behind it. The Rotec R-2800 or even the R-3600 would be an excellent choice for a powerplant.
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    Merry Christmas and God Bless our Troops!

    Merry Christmas fellas and dont forget our men and women in uniform overseas. Let's Say Thanks US Navy Drill Team The Navy video is in honor of my Dad whom spent WW2 as a young man on a Destroyer (USS Braine DD-630) in the South Pacific and retired 30yrs later as a Master Chief Petty...
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    The Official Tube Bending Thread

    Hi Skeeter. Here's a video from EAA's Hints For Homebuilders series. Maybe Shane can elaborate on it a little. Homebuilders Mike
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    Paul Lipps (designed) "elippse" propellers

    Percy, what did you think about Jack's book? Among the many forums and lectures I attended at Osh this year was Jack Norris's propeller lecture. I remember he abruptly stopped talking during his lecture once to point out the noise of an aircraft as it flew overhead. He said something...
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    Newbee? TIG not Gas

    The welder was one of the TIG instructors at AirVenture, I dont think I even got his name but I do remember he recommended against stress relieving TIG welds unless the entire airframe was place in an oven at controlled temperatures. Thanks for the Argon tips Mike and beautiful wings! Mike
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    Which Router for ribs?

    Thanks for the info Rob. Mike
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    Newbee? TIG not Gas

    Thanks Mike, cant believe it's been a year already since the initial post. Gotta agree, do what your best at, either will get the job done. At Osh this year a professional welder that TIG welds chassis for the likes of Andretti Racing and other Indy teams told me for tight, hard to reach...
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    New U/L Manufacturer

    The only reason why your 'pushing' on the right hand grip in a right hand turn on a bike/motorcycle is to counteract the natural 'lean to the right' while in a that turn. If you didn't lean centrifical force would cause you to fall over opposite the turn. At slow enough speed no or little...
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    New U/L Manufacturer

    Hi BB, I'm curious about that myself. I had seen the ZJ only online before going to Osh. I was in the Ultralight area on Monday and didn't see it, but I have to admit, with the lower attendance in that area I didn't spend much time there. After not once seeing it in the daily flyby's I...
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    New U/L Manufacturer

    Wow, I was at Osh last year and was bummed that the ZJ wasn't flown, now I know why it didn't. Mike
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    New U/L Manufacturer

    I agree. The past few years has seen quit a reduction in attendance/interest at Sun n Fun, however Oshkosh's AirVenture is still going strong and maintains it's reputation as THE aviation event to attend. Even though the Ultralight area at Osh has seen a reduction in activity over the past...
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    New U/L Manufacturer

    Well, good for you Andy. You show alot more drive and determination than I and most others will ever have. I agree on most of the points you make. One of my favorite things to do at Osh was to go to the Ultralight area and hang out a bit. It always had a real grass roots, build it in your garage...
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    Which Wood for Plywood Ribs?

    Thanks guys. Looks like Domestic Aircraft grade MIL Spec is most often used at 27% of the total. My other Poll asking 'why' use the wood that you do was answered by 'The Plans Specified what to use' over Cost or Availability which makes sence from a safety point of view. Like I said, my plans...