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    The propellers plane of damage ?

    The torn blade has a huge destructive force. At the very beginning of our production of propellers, we encountered several cases of separation of the blades. Two cases of cutting the elevator control cable on our aircraft were recorded. In both cases, the effectiveness of the horizontal tail...
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    Single Tube Fuselage idea

    Самолет Junior весит 95 кг.
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    New propeller

    We will try to help you.
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    Selling wooden propeller

    The black propeller is on sale, the gray propeller is ready to be sent to the Austrian customer.
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    Selling wooden propeller

    A decorative propeller with a cutout for a Soviet aviation watch went to Germany:
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    Selling 3-bladed carbon fiber propeller

    No problem, there are classic 57"blades. They can be made of any strength. But I do not know the characteristics of your motor. I also don't know the characteristics of your aircraft.
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    Selling wooden propeller

    We finish the propeller with the aviation clock. I will sell a decorative propeller with a diameter of 145 cm (57"). The price is $ 110.
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    Selling 3-bladed carbon fiber propeller

    3-blade propellers with particularly strong saber-shaped carbon fiber blades with a diameter of 1644 and 1755 mm (64.7" and 69") are put up to O-320. These blades are made specifically at the request of the American builders of RV aircraft. There are hubs SAE1 and SAE2.
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    Selling carbon propeller for Jabiru

    Dear operators of our Jabiru propellers! I ask you to share more information and the specific characteristics you have received. I am approached by many people with different questions that only you can answer. The propeller blades on the Jabiru engines experience very heavy loads. We have...
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    Selling seats fiberglass sandwich

    I can't find a box of the right size. I have to send it in film.
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    Wind Turbine blades

    Due to the fact that the efficiency of a windmill increases with the increase in its diameter, many questions are asked about large-sized blades. We produce wind turbines with a diameter of up to 9 m. The photo shows the blades of a windmill with a diameter of 3.1 m. They can be supplied...
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    Selling wooden propeller

    Hello, dear colleagues! I'm all right. But my team, which works with wooden propellers, was seriously injured. The chief specialist was ill with the virus in October and still cannot fully recover. I was forced to ask for help from the specialists of our aviation university. The work started...
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    Seat mod help please

    Price with delivery