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    I saw somewhere that there is a magneto out there that plugs right in to where the stock magneto goes. Anyone know what it is and where I can get it? Thanks!
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    1600 to bigger

    Anyone have opinions or information about putting 92mm jugs on a 1600cc case? I know you have to have the case and heads flycut, but what about the stroke length? I found jugs I like in both 69 and 82 mm -- which should I use, and what are the ramifications of each one? I'm pretty sure I can use...
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    VW converions

    Great Planes has specialized main bearings and other stuff for conversions.
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    Does anyone any wooden plane pans lying around they want to sell

    I've got a few set laying around...what are you looking to build? I have a CP1350, VP-1, Barracuda and Tiger Moth 80% and the original Tiger Moth sets laying around I'll probably never build. I might have some others, too; I'll look.
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    GN-1 Aircamper - starting!

    Anyone else out there building a GN-1 Aircamper?
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    I am looking at 15' wooden longerons for my plane (Tiger Moth). Aircraft Spruce asked if they could be cut down to make my shipping cheaper, and I realized I don't know. Anyone know of a way to splice or otherwise re-attach such parts? As it stands now I don't want to do that, but if someone has...
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    Polyurethane glues?

    Dried gorilla snot How stong IS dried gorilla snot, anyway?
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    Polyurethane glues?

    Money isn't really a concern for me. I'm more looking at availablity and ease of use. I don't think you can get T-88 at the hardware store. What does anyone think about Aircraft Spruce's "All-Purpose Structural Adhesive?" It claims "similar" properties to T-88 but is available in a slower gel...
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    Polyurethane glues?

    What about Liquid Nails and stuff like that?
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    Anyone know how to find Murphy in Canada?
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    That's only a one-seater. I want two. Thanks, though! It looks like a blast! Maybe for the next one...
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    Maybe I need to be a bit more specific...I'm looking for somthing in the 85 hp max range, and by simple I mean uncomplicated...I want something similar to the early birds.
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    Any know of a good, simple, two-seat vintage design biplane out there? I want good, ole fashioned wood and fabric. Any help?
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    Spruce vs ?

    I don't mind doing extra reading; this is supposed to be for educational purposes anyway, right? I'm not as worried about expense as I am availability : finding Stika Spruce around here is like finding 100 pound gold nuggets. I hate the mail-order idea because I prefer to see the wood I'm buying...
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    different plywood arrived?

    My opinion is 6mm is close could conceivable sand that much off in finishing. The additional plys with certainly make up for the insignificant difference.