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    Need to find a custom trailer for a cassutt.

    Tom, I built one to haul my bipe back from Reno years ago. Hauled my new bipe last year. Started as a 4x8 utility trailer. If you're interested in more details, let me know. Mark
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    Homemade snowplane 4 stroke motor

    Looks to me like it needs a trailing arm or something for the outriggers. The coilovers soften the ride but won't stop it from bending back if unstoppable meets immoveable.
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    Nice Simple Questions !!!

    If you can OA weld you can most definitely TIG. Whether you want to expend the monetary units to purchase is up to you. I will say you do know how to rile the natives! Almost as bad as talking politics or religion!
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    Tail Dragger Question

    That detent will lock it. Cessna 195 is that way as are a bunch of the warbirds ie the AT-6/SNJ. IIRC the Beech 18 and the DC-3 are too.
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    Pitts / aerobatics questions

    I'll call BS on the man enough comment. Are they challenging to fly, nope. Budd D said it best that it does EXACTLY what you tell it to do until you tell it to stop! Sensitive on the controls, yes. Is it a short coupled bipe, yep, but that doesn't make it hard to fly. The one I started on had a...
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    Tail Dragger Question

    Believe it or not THE most challenging taildragger I've flown was the Smith that I had. Easy off and great in the air but the most evil biacth trying to get it stopped. I went thru the gear top to bottom and never got it right. I think the spring gear was too narrow at the wheels and it went...
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    Pitts / aerobatics questions

    Finish Pomodoro and build one. The very first Pitts was reported to be ~550# with a Lyc O-145. If you get a Lyc powered Pitts under 800# it will be a joy. No electrics, wood prop, very little paint and little else will be a winner. It can be done, my Dads Pitts with a 320 weighed in at 740. He...
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    Tail Dragger Question

    Mike, My Hiperbipe landed on rails, only when I had gusty Xwind did it get fun. Even then a wheel landing kept it straight. The S1C I started flying early on could be landed with the tailwheel unlocked but it took a lot of brake to handle down around 20 mph. Stinger/tailwheel was installed out...
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    I don't follow this thread to see what will happen, that's a given. I do follow for the comments, some of the learned here provide great intel and then there's the humor! I'm good with that.
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    Airplane plans inventory

    No particular order; Mong Pitts S1C & S Nesmith Cougar Wittman Tailwind Wittman V-Witt Ultimate 20-300 Jungster 1 Cassutt lllM Forgot digital; VP1 Sorrell Guppy
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Laid up a spinner off of the broken one. Needs body work and was a learning experience. I may lay up another as a spare.
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    Favorite airports

    I've got a couple that I mention because when there I was welcomed and given more help than you'd expect. KMNN Marion, OH. While ferrying a Pitts S1C and a WAR FW190 back from OSH to MD had a mechanical. The shop owner told us to lock up when we were done. Good People. KSNS Salinas, CA. I picked...
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    Certificated to experimental

    Some years back, I was booked to fly a local show. My airplane was down and borrowed a friends S2C to fly the show. Met the Fed inspector with the airplane and logs. He never looked at the airplane and failed the logs. Met up with him again several years ago when doing my A&P. Failed my...
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    #1 Oil = Kerosene filtered #2 oil 1000 times = 1K Kerosene no road tax. #2 Home heating oil = high sulphur >2000ppm dyed red no road tax. #2 Off road diesel = LSD (low sulphur diesel) <15ppm red dye no road tax. #2 On road = LSD same as above no dye w/road tax. Small quantity deliveries will...
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    Double Eagle or other alternative cheap and easy builds

    PreWar Tcart we had was 1025 mild steel. So I’d bet most of the pre war J3’s are the same seeing as designed by same guy.