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  1. Mcmark

    Airplane Wanted Monocoupe plans wanted

    Ed Sauernman has the rights to the 110. He has a Facebook page for his new aerobatic airplane called Revo. I saw mention he is contemplating a kit 110 with the Verner 9 for power.
  2. Mcmark

    I watched a C150 Spin in today at KWHP. Impossible turn goes very bad.

    ^^^Been there done that got the T-shirt. 😂
  3. Mcmark

    Scattering Ashes?

    Heard it done with pvc tube w/end caps both attached by a bungee that’s fixed to the tube. Affixed to gear leg or strut with line to the cockpit. Fill the tube, add caps just friction fit and once airborne pull the front off and it blows the rear off. Contents delivered.
  4. Mcmark

    The propellers plane of damage ?

    Didn’t understand your question. Look for yourself. Fairly certain that the spinner departed and took out the blade. Spinner and some of the blade recovered from golf course where it landed.
  5. Mcmark

    RiggerRob, this ones for you.

    Way back when, the majority of the sky divers that I flew were partial to being in a “chemically altered state” in the weekend evenings. Had some friends that said similar, the white powder in the rigs wasn’t talc!
  6. Mcmark

    RiggerRob, this ones for you.

    Straight and level @ 2500’, 2400 rpm 27” about 150mph. Just trying to fly an hour to make sure everything was happy. Guess not😜.
  7. Mcmark

    RiggerRob, this ones for you.

    I recently had my rig packed and it was our first time working together. He asked if I’d use it and I said if there was no flying it, then yes. A month later, flying the airplane for second time I had the spinner explode and take out a blade off the prop. I got it shutdown and it was flyable so...
  8. Mcmark

    Parts For Sale Parachute For Sale

    Gents, I was told that the recommendation from round to square was that if you had jump experience you could have the square. What say y'all? Me wearing it because the Feds say so, doesn't mean I want to use it. I know the procedure and IF there is a significant failure to which I cannot control...
  9. Mcmark

    Opinions on Wag-Aero's Sport Trainer

    I have a mount for the Lycoming conical for that airplane if you decide to go backcountry. Brand new built buy BBI.
  10. Mcmark

    Need to find a custom trailer for a cassutt.

    Tom, I built one to haul my bipe back from Reno years ago. Hauled my new bipe last year. Started as a 4x8 utility trailer. If you're interested in more details, let me know. Mark
  11. Mcmark

    Homemade snowplane 4 stroke motor

    Looks to me like it needs a trailing arm or something for the outriggers. The coilovers soften the ride but won't stop it from bending back if unstoppable meets immoveable.
  12. Mcmark

    Nice Simple Questions !!!

    If you can OA weld you can most definitely TIG. Whether you want to expend the monetary units to purchase is up to you. I will say you do know how to rile the natives! Almost as bad as talking politics or religion!
  13. Mcmark

    Tail Dragger Question

    That detent will lock it. Cessna 195 is that way as are a bunch of the warbirds ie the AT-6/SNJ. IIRC the Beech 18 and the DC-3 are too.
  14. Mcmark

    Pitts / aerobatics questions

    I'll call BS on the man enough comment. Are they challenging to fly, nope. Budd D said it best that it does EXACTLY what you tell it to do until you tell it to stop! Sensitive on the controls, yes. Is it a short coupled bipe, yep, but that doesn't make it hard to fly. The one I started on had a...
  15. Mcmark

    Tail Dragger Question

    Believe it or not THE most challenging taildragger I've flown was the Smith that I had. Easy off and great in the air but the most evil biacth trying to get it stopped. I went thru the gear top to bottom and never got it right. I think the spring gear was too narrow at the wheels and it went...