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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Sooooo, so my buddy Chris and his lovey put up with me again for 2 nights and finished control hookups fwf. Exhaust is up and tight. Still adjusting for things to fit. Have to turn the slobber pot around to have room to route the drain to the exhaust. Still have to plumb the oil cooler and the...
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    Rusty Skeletons in the Closet

    The only acro airplane I ever heard with a gauge on the structure was the Zlin 526 on the wing spar after Neil Williams broke a wing spar and saved himself by rolling to inverted to keep it from folding. Rolled to upright half a wingspan to a crash landing. Walked away.
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    Painting with latex house paint has a complete process. If you want shiny, you can get there, just elbow grease. I’ve done the wings on my Tailwind and a bunch of patches and pieces on the Cuby I had.
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    We ordered some mount bolts 2nd day air to have for the engine install and still didn't get them! Chris was not happy, "I just smiled, sitting there on that sack of seeds" from the Wild Wood Flower.
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    Elevator balancing for tube and fabric tail

    Eugene, I ferried Skip Stewart's Promethius 2 to OSH several years ago. The airplane is one of the most sensitive and THE MOST authoritative in any axis at any speed I have flown. Even with less than stall speed during rollout, you had the ability to pull the mains off the ground with elevator...
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    Elevator balancing for tube and fabric tail

    Eugene the parts shown in your #9 are for the Wolf Pitts aerobatic airplane (with carbon) and for a retrofit for the Pitts (all steel) to have the same look and most of the benefit. Very different airplane and type of flying and have been researched and demo'd by some of the biggest names in the...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Took a day off on Fri and drove to see and work on my new biplane, it was delivered late Jan to my buddy’s shop and then we got shutdown. I spent last week doing a top and other performance adjustments on my Frankenmotor and loaded and delivered it to the shop and got it on the airframe and...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    I now see how some people get hooked on reality TV. :popcorn:
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    Had an oops what would you do

    By the time you put paint on it, only you and your friends here will know. I won't tell, I promise!;)
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    For Sale Sonerai

    Dang empty pockets again, that and I don't think I fit. I've eyed that airplane for years. Kevin did an amazing job on it.
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    Had an oops what would you do

    Everyone of the above comments is valid and the repair procedures work well. I'll add this, don't let perfection be the enemy of good enough. The elephant is enough to chew, don't eat it twice unless necessary.
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    dual mechanical brake lever?

    i didn't like the heel brakes on the Cuby, but it weren't worth the change. Had heels on the T-Cart I did most of my early training in, they weren't the best but not hard to find. Neither airplane needs a lot of brake anyway.
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    Spars in a box

    The Giles aerobatic aircraft are composite but the wing spars fit in the box and overlap horizontally.
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    dual mechanical brake lever?

    There is an aerobatic pilot that is paraplegic. His set up is obviously different. He had differential braking, one on each stick. Super Cub with a continuous loop rudder having a "left stick" and the standard control stick. Brake lever on each, one for each hand. Twist (motorcycle) throttle on...
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    Variable geometry turbo

    Mark, from some of the planes I’ve flown and some of the reading I’ve done to the turbo VW type 1 I built, the options are yours to choose. The AT-6 has a supercharger that the pilot manages the boost with the throttle handle. The Sonex turbo is set up the same as the pilot is responsible for...