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Career/full-time A&P mechanic/I.A., commercial fixed & rotary wing pilot, Part 91, 135, 121, 145, FAA, EASA; aviation 30 years full-time. Beacoup thousands of hours flying. Soldier of fortune and all-round good guy...enthusiastic homebuilder/designer/tinkerer/aircraft restorer/rebuilder/repairer. Have worked aviation all around the world...mostly in a lot of really remote & unsavory places.

Pretty much anything aviation, especially homebuilt airplanes, bush planes & bush flying.
Arizona/Alaska/several nasty places around the glo
Current / Future projects
Building a two-seat tandem of my own design - sort of a Super Cub/Bearhawk Patrol mix with some twists - more leg room, Riblett GA30A613.5 airfoil, drooping ailerons, tail feathers with airfoil shape, Super Cub trim, etc. Keep it light.
Past Projects
Have repaired/restored/rebuilt/built numerous aircraft - certified and experimental.