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  1. Martin W

    Air filtration

    My farm neighbor bought a brand new combine harvester with the Chrysler industrial engine which used an oil-bath type of air filter .... for some reason they forgot to put the oil into the filter ..... that engine was completely worn out in 2 weeks . Our local veterinarian drove a Volkswagen...
  2. Martin W

    10/23 Raptor Video

    Nobody has ever been able to find Batman ..... because he is actually a women .... the chest gives it away.
  3. Martin W

    AMPERe One stroke engine

    I enjoy following innovators who try something new such as the one stroke engine. One advantage claimed is two power impulse in one revolution , sounds good at first. However if we used a modern , off the shelf , 2-cylinder , horizontally opposed , 2-stroke we would also achieve two power...
  4. Martin W

    Battery recovery

    Further to long term battery storage .... I write this from memory , and advise folks to make sure it actually works. Our local fire department has 6 units with diesel engines and double 12 volt batteries in each .... I was friends with the chief and we often had lunch together. Somehow our...
  5. Martin W

    Battery recovery

    Cool .... sounds like the same car I had ... now if only I could have found a wife like yours who liked classic cars .... haaaa !! Mine was black , 4 door sedan , straight 8 with a 3 speed standard transmission , true highway car , could cruise all day at 65 mph , that engine was so smooth and...
  6. Martin W

    Battery recovery

    I am not offering recommendations .... just relating my experiences. I bought a 1949 Packard that had not been started for over 10 years .... it had been parked outside during hot summers and freezing winters. Battery was dead of course ..... but I could not easily find a replacement that...
  7. Martin W

    10/23 Raptor Video

    I think it is honorable for PM to refund all the deposits .... his reasons are a different issue .... the world is littered with upstart aviation concepts that have taken deposits , spent the money , and then gone broke without delivering anything. We should at least give him credit for not...
  8. Martin W

    Advice for new attendees/drivers to Osh

    thanks .... I am going to try it ..... but I still say that an application of Malathion by air gets rid of the all the mosquitos
  9. Martin W

    Testing Electric Propulsion Unit For a Light Airplane

    Modern electric power has no problems or issues. But in aircraft it always comes down to the weight of the batteries ... and that is usually a problem.
  10. Martin W

    Belt Drives and design

    Most builders and manufactures will obviously use a straightedge on the sprocket face to make sure both sprockets are aligned parallel (eg: vertically) (one above the other) But they also must be carefully aligned parallel (eg: horizontally) with zero angular difference from the output shaft...
  11. Martin W

    Starck AS.37 - one engine, two propellers

    I am a helicopter pilot who is spoiled rotten by the unobstructed vision of the Bell47 plexiglass bubble ....... the single biggest reason I have never had a desire to fly fixed wing is the horrible forward vision .... some aircraft let you see the sky above and nothing else unless you bank and...
  12. Martin W

    How to incorporate a Hydrogen fuel cell into an electric aircraft for Homebuilders?

    thanks ....I didnt know in 2008 Boeing built and flew a hydrogen-fuel-cell plane .... Boeing Fuel Cell Demonstrator AB1 - List of fuel cell vehicles - Wikipedia .
  13. Martin W

    How to incorporate a Hydrogen fuel cell into an electric aircraft for Homebuilders?

    Hydrogen has never been practical for cars etc .... this whole situation is "fueled" by global warming politics .... which we are not allowed to discuss here .... but mark my words .... a few years from now all the hydrogen-windmill-solar will be proven just as unpractical.
  14. Martin W

    How to incorporate a Hydrogen fuel cell into an electric aircraft for Homebuilders?

    This may change your mind ..... it is a 38 minute video full of pertinent information .... Mr Cadogan is a bit rude and crude with language but his science is good. Very informative.