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Mark W
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  • Your sunset pic is nice; still cold here but will break soon to warmer. We may not like the cold up here but it does afford an opportunity to get into the shop and work. Don't have to worry about the grass in the yard, ha!
    Thanks for the comments on the album. Those are the airplanes that I have owned. I still have the Sportsman and the blue Pitts. The sunset photo was a quick smart phone photo here at 97FL, taken from our golf cart with my wife's two poodles riding on the back. Life is good.
    There are two Hatz Biplanes here. There were three, but one was sold several years ago. They seem to be fun airplanes. Did you see the Hatz that won best plans built at Oshkosh and Sun n Fun. Beautiful workmanship.


    PS. I got a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech in 1970.

    PE stands for Profesional Engineer, an engineer who is licensed by the state to practice, based on formal education, years of relevant practice, and having passed state-administered written tests.

    See What is a PE?

    I was one, but now I'm retired. :)

    Hi Mark, As you can tell I like things that I know work. I don't trust composites and I don't care about some silly airfoil idea and flying wings. I love tube, wood and fabric airplanes. I tolerate all metal airplanes. I hope to get my Piper J3 flying this winter and then I want to build a Bordomfighter but I keep getting distracted so who knows. Joe
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