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    Yamaha Apex internal gear reduction.

    Diameter of a lawnmower blade is less than optimum. Get to a larger diameter then you have gyroscopic forces that lawnmower engineers do not have to deal with.
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    Bending Aluminum Tube

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned filling the tubes with casting sand, packing tight sealing the ends and bending over a form. For 4130, you use heat. Ron Covell may have a YouTube Video. I attended one of his demos where he bent a roll bar hoop using thick wall 4130
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    Weld strengthAlan WatersMarch 19, 2017 · Shared with Your friendsFriends.500 x .035 4130 CM TIG welded with 0.012 OD 312 stainless filler under 10xmi

    BBerson said: "mild steel filler" holds up better than the original stainless. " When welding unsuccessfully ( or less-successfully) with Stainless, did you back purge, ect ??
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    Beech Staggerwing Fuselage Best Offer

    I had the privilege of inspecting a fuselage for a Staggerwing. It was wrecked by a drunk driver. Someone in Texas bought it. I'm still impressed by the memory of the "perfect" weld beads. Stunning, artistically pretty !!
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    Why do so many builders cleco EVERY hole?

    If you really wish to ensure accuracy, consider drilling some intelligently selected holes 1/8" and use a rivet for a locator (cleeco close by if you're a spaced cleeco user). Cleecos don't "repeat" well with regard to position.
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    Broad new UAS rules proposed today

    The age old issue between Privacy Interests vs. "convenience." Whether it's by private actor or the government, the larger the "bureaucracy" (public or private) the "smaller" the citizen. The real question is whether the use by the FAA will contradict the interests of American citizens...
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    Would this require an STC

    No mention of whether the installed equipment interfered with exit paths in case of an incident.
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    O-100-- interesting new engine

    The impact of this news approached that I experienced with the passing of John Thorp and Ken Brock, both of whom I knew personally. I didn't know Pete as well, but enough to realize he was of similar talent, dedicated to the advancement and benefit of home built aviation enthusiasts as...
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    Improving fuselage shape

    Supplementing the comments above, John Thorp explained fuselage, as an airfoil, could develop lift coefficients far above a wing, but at even greater drag coefficients -arguing against the approach. Without attribution John Thorp, (prior to Arnold's articles), told me it was easier to...
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    Why do so many builders cleco EVERY hole?

    For the reasons discussed above and adding an unmentioned benefit learned from guys who were "fitters" in the WWII shops in Lockheed, North American, etc., I argue for more cleecos because "things move around" while you're riveting up a structure - for example, outer wing panels. More...
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    Good bandsaw for making forms

    Sometimes "blade walk" is caused by too narrow a blade forced to accept too much pressure. Agree on the bi-metal. I picked up a 16" Delta ML and a 36" Delta (forget mod #) and learned the narrow blade lesson real quick. Saws came with 5-6 boxes of blade material. I gave up on them and only...
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    aluminum rivets

    There are two ways, actual annealing and the second, frequently called annealing, is technically bringing the material to "W" Temper - which takes more than 500 deg F. You really want to have the rivets as soft as possible. Some may recall my addressing this point in my sheet metal forums...
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    How Hot Is Too Hot?

    Trapped air in a liquid cooling system has been thoroughly researched and worked out. As Wsimpso1 said above (and referenced by me, earlier) you have to remove the air - or, avoid trapping air. I'll repeat and re-emphasize, you have to work diligently to ensure that all instances of conditions...
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    How Hot Is Too Hot?

    This is one of the posts I closed with the comment "I may have missed". As to increasing the size radiator hoses, anything that restricts flow can contribute to formation of bubbles. My notes are packed from a move, but we're talking, IIRC, inches of H2O Delta P. My "guy" gave me a...