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    1970 Aerosport Rail

    Does anyone has detailed information about the 1970 Aerosport Rail? Are there plans available? Was it abandoned or failed somehow? Thanks for any help.
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    First ideas for a mash-up homebuilt.

    Thank you all! I am still reading each one of your comments and suggestions. Based on what I have already read, I made some changes to the sketch. @Goflybefree suggestion to take a look at the Phoenix M-5 was a breakthrough for me. Thanks a lot! I kept +/- the same dimensions of the M-5. Please...
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    First ideas for a mash-up homebuilt.

    Hello All, After many months of analyzing many aircraft projects, I started to put together a list of what I liked of each one of them. The resulting sketch seen here is a combination of elements from the following planes: J-1B (cabin), Cri-Cri MC 15 (twin-engines), PIK-26 (wings), and Airbus...