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    Hello everyone, i'm new!

    Hi Merlin and welcome, are you planning on having folding wings,? very desirable feature.......
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    I/2 VW propeller wanted

    I need a propeller suitable for a Global 1/2 VW engine 3 1/8" dia pcd 4 mounting holes. around 52 dia 24" pitch.or there abouts .I am in Torrance Ca willing to pay shipping. Malcolm 310 697 9845.......or email motmaluk@msn.com thanks for looking.....
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    Plywood ply direction question

    Thanks for all your input, I will do it per the plans and sleep easier, best, Malcolm.
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    Plywood ply direction question

    My plans call for the box spars to have 45 degree plywood either side of the caps, what would be the result of using 90 degree plywood instead? It is half the cost of 45 degree, ( asking for a friend...)
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    Thanks, I will start at 2 degrees and go from there, best, Malcolm.
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    What do you suggest the for the rear wing angle for a tricycle flea ?
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    A staple here and there stops my Flea parts from slipping during the glueing process, use a sacrificial strip of cheap plywood to make it easy getting them out again without marking the ply. Standard Flea assembly process.
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    For Sale Los Angeles Craigslist

    Also looking for a prop suitable for a 1/2 VW ......
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    For Sale Los Angeles Craigslist

    Oct 23 KFM 107 Ultralight engine $950 (Torrance)
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    P-51 Mustang Replica Tehnical Question

    Go for 6 mm better safe than sorry......
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    EAA Sport Aviation vs. LAA Light Aviation (October 2020)

    I get the EAA magazine but there are usually just a couple of articles of interest to me , the rest are high dollar restorations or multi hundred thousand dollar super duper aircraft. I would cancel my EAA membership but might need their muscle one day.
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    Build area tips and advice

    Machine tools ? I use my small lathe a lot more than I thought I would, making drill bushings and other odds and end, siping large drill bits etc. Never drink anything alcoholic when using tools or machine tools , I still have all my fingers as a result, just my 2 cents......
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    For Sale Rag Wing RW-2 Project/Parts Package/Plans

    A long way away I'm afraid..... Torrance Ca.
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    For Sale Rag Wing RW-2 Project/Parts Package/Plans

    Where are you located?