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Feb 16, 2020 at 1:32 PM
May 17, 2009
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Well-Known Member, from Canterbury, New Zealand, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy.

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Feb 16, 2020 at 1:32 PM
    1. Benji_CriCri
      This is incredible - a fellow New Zealander, building a Cri-Cri (and with such a comprehensive build thread). What a find, stumbling upon you! Shannon, I know you get this a-lot, but I'd be ever-so-grateful if I could pick your brains about the build. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    2. David Moxley
      David Moxley
      Hello Mad Rocket Scientist!
      Are you build from plans or a Kit?
      Are plans available? I have been looking for a set for a long time. Is there any chance I could get a copy of yours? I’m more than will to pay you for your trouble & and for the plans!!
      Let me know one was or the other if you would please.
      David Moxley
    3. josephdfco
      Hi ! Someone told me there is an excellent CriCri tutorial to be found in this forum. Would that be yours? I'm getting ready to start mine here in Connecticut, and would be extremely grateful if I could ask you a question or two from time to time.
      1. MadRocketScientist
        I would say that is my thread, what did you want to know?
        May 26, 2019
    4. jackmot
      Hi dude!!
      Just found that you are really in at the crib-cri project.
      i really want to build it but i have so many questions!!
      if you could please take a moment to answer me i wold be very grateful
    5. Adilbek
      And who does cri cri mc 15
      1. MadRocketScientist
        You have to build it yourself.
        May 26, 2019
    6. Adilbek
      Tell me the cost of the new CRI-CRI MC15
    7. Adilbek
      ell me the cost of the new Cri-Cri MC 15
      1. MadRocketScientist
        Anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 USD depending on how you build it.
        May 26, 2019
    8. xtal1219
      Good day Shannon
      I am very interest in CriCri MC-15
      I'm plane building CRI CRI airplane
      But I am faced with many problems,
      Because , I do't have Full technical drawings (DESIGN PROJECT) of cri-cri airplanes
      Is it possible for you to submit information for CRI-CRI aircraft ????
      can you help me ?? ...
      this in my address (
      Thank you
    9. Corazon De Leon
      Corazon De Leon
      hi, im new to this site..I need to know what drawing sheet are the specs for the fwd lwr fuselage hat channel. if any one can tell me i would appreciated it. thanks.
    10. Coyote24
      Good day Shannon,
      Somewhere on post 43 I think you mentioned possibly making a kit if someone is interested.
      Is that still an option?
      I am thinking of building an electric one, it is still a remote idea but I would like to start gathering information for it. I have looked at the idea of building a cricri for at least 6 years now, and with the electric advancement I think I might go for it.
      Not sure if this is a private message to you, so I will not post my personal email.
    11. green_reactor

      you are sooooo skilled in making .... & ...... Have high potential in manufacturing and assembly....[IMG]

      Of familiarity with you and see your potential , I'm happy...

      I'm Sohrab...

      I'm building CRI CRI airplane
      But I am faced with many problems,
      Because , I do't have Full technical drawings (DESIGN PROJECT) of cri-cri airplanes

      Is it possible for you to submit information for CRI-CRI aircraft ????
      can you help me plzzzzzz?? ...

      sent you an email... this adress ( )
      If not see my messages
      Add to my address :
      Thank you

      ( I am waiting for your message )
    12. chullachat
      Your project 's really inspire my dream. I'ld like to built my own cri cri.Are there any one have KIT and plan for sell.?
    13. mendoza
      hiiii, i have one question about cri cri ,as i see you are expert in that, i am looking for mc-15 plan, drawing project, i will be glad to help me in that ,where can i find it.
    14. flyoz
      Thanks Shannon
      OK i will see how you go
      I think the MC100 would be easier to produce
      i have a partial set of Cri Cri drawings and a lot of the MC100 has been simplified -plus only 1 motor makes it easier
      Mike ( )
    15. flyoz
      Hi Shannon
      I have been watching your work on the Cri Cri
      I paid about 500 euro at the time
      I have done a lot of work in getting most of the part list into english Excel spreadheets and i have taken the French manual and scanned it into Word so that it can be translated
      To make this project work you really need a flat bed router like yours
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    Canterbury, New Zealand, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy.
    Current / Future projects:
    Currently building a CriCri,
    Past Projects:
    Past project aircraft were all sub-human cargo capacity.
    Building a CriCri on my CNC router.

    Anything that flies is of interest, including flying in and on water.


    Building CriCri #706
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