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    Scratch Built Radials

    There is a modest magazine article in "The Shed" magazine, not a lot more technical content in it but a few more pictures.
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    Uh huh....

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    Scratch Built Radials

    I am sure there was a thread about building radials with motorcycle cylinders (can't find it) but it was a bit short on actual working examples. Here's two by a kiwi Russell Sutton (possibly slightly mad he spent 25 years in WA). the 9 cylinder...
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    Don't Do Anything Dumb

    The really answer is because its always been that way, we have normalised what is otherwise unacceptable system design (if it was acceptible we wouldn't keep running out of fuel). Somewhere there is a report high lighting the fact that the biggest safety improve with EFIS is the more acurate...
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    1985 short brothers SD3-30 200 for sale $36,500 FAcebook Ad

    Hmm the empty weights a bit high to add scratch built wings and tail plus, a couple of 1000 Hp auto conversions engines & call it a homebuilt.
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    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    HBA AVweb Classic Wings (NZ mag) Aviation trader (Ozzie Mag) The occasional youtube (blancolirio mainly) but find its a pretty slow way to get information (I can read faster than presenters talk).
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    Brake effectiveness standards

    There are brake sizing calculations based on heat rejection capacity, the trick being to get the landing speed and weight correct (they tend to be under estimated rather than over). Consider max landing altitude and temp ground speed. Insufficient brakes tend to result on slow speed acidents...
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    Aero News Network Video - Terrible Raptor 1st Flight Review

    The raptor project offers us an incredible opportunity of numerous worked examples. Perhaps to get the best value out of it going forward we need several threads (flight test, structures, power plant and cooling) to make it easier to find the information later and for the Mods to be able to keep...
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    Kitty Hawk reveals Heaviside, its latest flying vehicle

    Disc load think wing loading for helicopters (mass / sweeped area). Am I right in think that a higher disc loading results in a requirement for greater seperation from buildings etc to prevent re-circulation.
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    Kitty Hawk reveals Heaviside, its latest flying vehicle

    It should be pointed out that unlike fixed wing, the critical gust load case for rotor-craft is in hover (& if anyone knows a simple way to calculate it like there is for FAR23, I would love to know). So these vertol aircraft actually have two different critical gust load cases. With all those...
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    EAA Sport Aviation vs. LAA Light Aviation (October 2020)

    I was thinking of the membership here. At the GA end of the market, most aircraft are designed in autocad, solidworks or inventor, etc, few can carry the cost of the high end packages like CATIA.
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    EAA Sport Aviation vs. LAA Light Aviation (October 2020)

    These days the LAA will always be more practical than the EAA simply because they are responsible for the airworthiness of the UK's homebuilts. The move to kits from plans built has removed (or allowed them to lose) the EAA's function of broadcasting detail manufacturing information, which...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    We do have access to unstabised video, not the flight, but Elliot Seguin's videos includes the taxi tests, engine start, gear swing, there isn't a lot of flex at all in the wing, which means its flutter (or some other fun vibrational mode) or camera artifacts.
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    Presurization - Whats it take ?

    I can't say i have designed a pressurized fuse but i have designed repairs putting them back together after the corrosion and cracks have been removed. I have also designed / certificated clean sheet plus other peoples messes of oxygen systems. I would be very careful assuming that an O2 system...
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    Presurization - Whats it take ?

    No one has pointed out that as well as all the above pressurization allows for more thermal related issues due to the increased cold soak. The doors still have to open with the fuse somewhat banana shaped by a rapid descent and a couple of minutes with the sun striking one side of the fuse...