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    Bending Yield Fty Recycle Yard Aluminum

    Note that your bending stress results are a function of thickness squared, so be very careful measuring the initial thickness, as the results will be more sensitive to errors than one would normally expect.
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    Anyone here living in an Airpark Community?

    Horse's, now that is how you make flying look cheap!!!
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    Boeing warns of possible electrical issue in some 737 MAX airplanes

    They can't be too old then, otherwise one's got to add 6 months of issues once they return to service due to intermittent electrical faults, driven mainly by corrosion in the electrical connectors.
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    Uh huh....

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    A solution looking for a problem

    Friction stir welding can get around the weldablity issue of 2024 (not simple jigging), other wise there are new high strength weldable alloys (6013 is one example). Anyone got an article on the Questair Venture skin forming?
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    AVWEB article on the Future of E-AB

    Yes but what percentage of the fuel consumed does that 25% of the fleet use. At a guess a lot more than 25%.
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    New rotorcraft concepts

    That is counter-able by using contra rotating for both the props and the motor, possibly simpler than a tip jet I think
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    Sidestick control vs control yoke vs panel-mounted control wheel

    I seem to recall De Havilands first aircraft had the roll control operate in the opposite direction to convention.
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    My Preposterous Fantasy Aircraft: The Luge

    extending from existing minimum weight concepts inthe form of para-foils and hanggliders, I would suggest considering the slightly crazy concept of a semi rigid wing para-foil (lower drag than standard chute) and a hang glider type harness type swivel harness, but this may result in a excessive...
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    Using solid rivets to fill holes...

    Is the hole in just the angle, assuming you can maintain edge distances and pitch. i would use a soft solid rivet to get good hole filling.
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    The FAA and its Odious ODAs

    Its a pretty poor fault analysis really. Big picture to me looks more like, those seeking to make money from aviation dislike the Audit / standards team (that's what the FAA does basically) because that's what they do, so pressure as part of general deregulation across the board saw reduced...
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    14/28 VDC Conversion - Basic Theory Question

    2nd the battery equalizer. Some civilian hueys run 4 truck batterys (batterys in series & parallel), that gets a bit complicated.
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    "Bladeless" Propulsion

    Hmmm, boast phase to achive ram jet speeds.
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    This how airbus wings attach to fuselage

    We wont mention the airliner tear downs were the fuse skin rivet shanks are all hour glass shaped from moving, every time there was a pressisation or the airliners dipping paint stripper from skin joints 4 years after being repaints. For aircraft joint friction only applies at low loadings...
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    Airplane plans inventory

    Probadly complete copies of CP328 CP301 I guess everyone has found the cub drawings online.