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    X in the N Number

    I was wondering what happened. A TON of numbers that were available 3 years ago were gone... now I guess we know where, but why? I'll ask around...
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    Nice little place you got here...

    Welcome... this place is awesome for just brainstorming... :D
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    When does a VW make sense?

    An old C-75 or C-85 would probably be the easiest to find, and cheap. There was an O-200 core kicking around for $500 the other week in socal. Having RACED with these engines are Reno, I can tell you they are completely bulletproof, parts are easy to find still, and overhauls should run in the...
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    Custom Lycs

    That'd help a ton! I sent you a private message.
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    Custom Lycs

    So does anyone here have any experience with build up hybrid Lycoming's from spare parts lying around? Say I have a O-290-G lying around, already converted for aircraft use, but in need of overhaul. Besides the basics, anybody know whats needed machining wise to fit a O-320 crank (and which one)...
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    Hawker Hurricane replica

    I like it, except the rotex...
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    Nemesis NXT Honeycomb

    Hmm, I've got access to some bits and bobs from an NXT, maybe I can check it out...
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    Electrical fuel pump for Continental IO 240-B

    I believe it would be the standard Continental FI mechanical pump on the engine. The electric would have to be a high pressure pump to backup the mech pump at least. If you want be able to run the electric pump all the time you will need a low setting too.
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    So i want to design and build a helicopter...

    Fly an RV... that might be the way to go.
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    carbon fiber for cowl and wheels pants

    Fixed it for ya :D
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    No, not yet another welding thread:

    I did some in A&P school, not because they required it, but because I wanted to. I ended up being able to get down to about .032 sheet before I finished. Cleaning yes, the right rod helped (the stuff they gave us was great, flux core stuff) and extra flux. I also did use welding glasses at all...
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    OK here's a tough one: looking for a 3 blade composite prop for 30hp

    Also http://www.tn-prop.com/ Tennessee propellors. I've flown behind one on a Rotex and it was pretty nice!
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    Another darn newby

    The repairmen certificate might not be the end all though. The way EAA and most DAR's interprate the FAR's, you can do all the maintenance yourself, and just need the condition inspection signed off by an A&P. I work with several RV buyers on their airplanes once a year...
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    roll call three years later

    Hmm, finishing up my RV-7 rudder, then it's on to the... 2nd job so I can afford the wings. :depressed Loving every minute of building...
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    wet wing fuel tank

    Also, I believe that is a pulled rivet kit is it not? I'd guess that those would be less than ideal with a wet wing, so you'd probably have to use solid rivets.