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    New guy, building a Titan T-51

    Congrats prporter, a very nice plane you are building. Had the honor to be involved with the prototype T-51 a wee bit, John and the Titan guys are all top notch. I'd bet Dan is behind the Suziki redrive development so you can rest assured it will be extremely solid and reliable. Anyway good...
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    My project

    Thanks Johndoe and Spinnetti, Been a while, health problems have unfortunately put the plane on indefinite hold. I put some pics up at the link below, for some more details of the little plane: http://home.comcast.net/~mamp17/M51.HTML It's come a little further since then, fiberglass...
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    Best ultralight Biplane!!!!

    The Hiperlights are still available from Thunderbird Aviation now in Michigan. http://www.hiperlightaircraft.com/
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    sheet metal benders

    Actually I think I bought my brake from Enco (sorry it was a few years ago). The link below shows some lower priced "48 adjustable finger brakes starting at about $300. These have stands available for them (look below the brake picture for the link to the stand that fits the lowest priced...
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    sheet metal benders

    I find it a basic neccessity to have at least a "48 adjustable brake in my shop. Picked up a surprisingly decent brake from Northern Tool on sale for around $400 a while back. I'm scratch building a sheet metal plane though, so it really gets a lot of use. For a kit aircraft a local EAA...
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    elevator and rudder control

    If I'm reading your post correctly, and seeing the drawing right, it will be very difficult to do this. It appears you are trying to control the rudder by twisting the stick? In a conventional control layout the elevator and ailerons are coupled to the stick. The rudder is controlled by a set...
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    Riveting Tutorial?

    Here are a few pages with some info on riveting. Not tutorials exactly. The first three are all from the EAA website, found in the authors section (alot of other good info there as well). The last link is a very detailed rulebook for aircraft riveting...
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    My project

    Thanks for the compliments Wayne. Looking forward to seeing your 51 project. Definitely the foreground blue scheme on this one, so not too many little Old Crows flying around. Not too familiar with the Taylor design, but I believe it is a pretty quick wooden bird? If i'm thinking of the...
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    Self-designed Carbon U/L

    Very interesting design. Nice work Mark.
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    My project

    Guess I should have read your profile first Daren. I would guess you have indeed seen the website before since it's yours. Oops :whistle: :D . The rudder is actually painted blue. The angle and lighting make it look black in the pic.
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    My project

    Hello guys, The paint scheme will be similar to the Mustang below. Daren have you seen this little spitfire: http://www.spitfirebuilder.4t.com/custom3.html That website has lots of links to other projects and kits out there. Hard to make a spitfire too small and still fit the pilot in with...
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    American safety wire pliers?

    I've bought many good tools from US Tool and Supply. Check out page 96 in the catalog, don't know the price though. Part TP68R are US made. http://www.ustool.com/
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    foam core picture

    Hello Eric, I made one of these machines myself, but not quite the scale of yours. Mine was built from necessity for cutting solid foam D-cell cores on my wings. I would much rather have someone else do it, as it has been very difficult to get the shape exactly right, or repeatedly the...
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    35U-312 and 315 airfoils?

    Actually, Riblett has been known to use the "U" designation in some of his airfoils. The "A" after the 35 would usually signify a cuspless airfoil. I'm guessing the "U" versions must be modified or special versions of his standard airfoils, thus the "A" airfoil may be different. I don't...
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    35U-312 and 315 airfoils?

    That airfoil is from Harry Riblett. I have coordinates for his 35A-312 and 315, but don't know about the 35U. I am using a Riblett airfoil on my project, and they are used on various kit planes out there including the Titan T-51. Sorry I don't know more about that particular one.