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    new member KRSuper2 builder

    Hey all, thought i would update what im up to....first up , yes im building a Cozy MKIV. Its on its gear, nose is 8 inches help with CG for an IO 540 C4B5... Also im building parts for Scott Watts KRSuper2, I think this design has a lot going for it ...
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    Hey all, Got a refund from Paypal, seems that AirplanePDQ is no longer...the website is down...Its a shame as many people liked the software
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    Hi from New Zealand

    Welcome mate, Please let us know about your build. As for trying to get a hold of a VW, here's one here, VW REVMASTER 2100cc AIRCRAFT ENGINE | Trade Me , that would do the job... Far cheaper to source over there than spend mega $$$ on freight/import costs....Unless I was buying a brand new...
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    The Razorback construction thread

    Duncan, It happens to all of us mate...building a plane is a huge takes courage , and tremendous commitment not only from us builders but also our wives/girlfriends & kids(to put up with our crap)... What I have found with my Cozy IV and Long EZ builds is no matter how hard you try...
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    Hi all, just an update. Still no response from Da Vinci/Gil Crouse. Paid for the software on Feb 26, so its been nearly 4 weeks.... Started proceeding's with Paypal to see if I can get the money back(not hopeful)...hope this helps anyone considering buying the software...
  6. L fast can a wooden plane go ?

    Here's a very good Documentary on the Mosquito..its in 3 parts, well worth watching.. Mosquito 1 0f 3 - YouTube
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    ok, thanks Orion and Hot Wings(sorry for going a bit overboard with my comment, just frustrated :dis:)
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    ah, have I checked "you" spam folder, ah no...please explain if this is a scam why is no one warning about this
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    Hey all, I recently bought AirplanePDQ software. What happens is you buy the software through Paypal, creditcard, then wait for either the download link to be sent or its sent(cd) through the post.... Its been 5 days so far with no response...I emailed them yesterday with still no response...
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    Bradley Aircraft Scammer still at it?

    read this thread
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    Bradley Aircraft Scammer still at it?

    Bradley Pitbull aircraft and aircraft manufacturing business for sale | eBay check it out
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    Beware the man who knows everything

    Hi Duncan, this person is obliviously not up to the latest technology of aviation as we are on here, hence his devotion of the "912", which is a very reliable and extremely proven engine, I'm flying behind one in a Tecnam so can't say anything bad about them. My point is this person, by the...
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    Light weight Rotary Piston Engine

    Just came across this, its not new technology but promising none the less... Not sure if this has been discussed before, apologize if this is old news...
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    makeing fuel tank useing fiberglass

    I would use Epoxy, Divinycell foam, BID glass, and pro seal to complete....
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    makeing fuel tank useing fiberglass

    there are many different methods, as discussed many times on here including foam sandwich construction which is very easy to do with epoxy resin, foam and glass, followed by a fuel tank sealant like "Pro-Seal"...