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    Unadvertized secrert abilities

    Oh and Vodka or Gin for the Coronavirus . Instead of buying super expensive and hard to get alcohol hand cleaner. $10 for 50ml or your favourite gin or vodka at $50 for 700ml. Get a little bottle to carry and refill and rub on hands as needed, disinfect mouth as you feel inclined. 100% tried...
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    Unadvertized secrert abilities

    WD-40 or any aerosol can, including bug spray is a standard Aussie protection kit for big hairy things that bite or fly and bite. Add lighter, spray at nest and torch em quick before they get a chance to get revenge. A can in the hot sun and well shaken gives the best distance. Remember...
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    Boeing - Design Issues...

    OR it gives him a excuse for not knowing what was going on.
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    Single Tube Fuselage idea

    Another great design from the House of Winton. The same house that gave us the Sapphire, Ultrabat and the world beating Facet Opal.
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    Famous Last Words....

    "Hey Bob,grab the manual..............good. Now find the chapter on landing..............
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    Famous Last Words....

    Passenger- "Captain, why are you sweating?" Captain- " Can't you see the fan stopped"
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    ...any one you can walk away from

    No need for questions. YOU did exactly as needed- Aviate, Aviate, Aviate. Kept flying to the stop. Perfect. A few scratches and a tale to tell. Well done.
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    Boeing - Design Issues...

    Boeing. IF its Boeing we should not be going. They seem determined to push forward on the boards plans come hell or disaster. Pretty sad for NASA and the taxpayer- you can be sure they will be paid a motza even if it never works. Bar killing a bunch of astronauts, the funding will still...
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    Flight test dummy?

    AKA drowning.
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    My second PIK26 is comming

    Details would be great? full specs please, and its looks great.
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    Pegasus flying car/helicopter at CES 2020

    I don't think comparisons to normal cars is relevant. It is primarily a flying helicopter that also allows the power to drive the wheels. It is not designed anything like a car nor heavy like one. It would be fat motorcycle weight. Think more of a small sporthelicopter that allows you to get...
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    Pegasus flying car/helicopter at CES 2020

    Is their a need for this? Maybe. Does it work....yes Is it practical?........more than most flying auto. Is the tech mature?................Yes Are they spending big on marketing.....No Are they spending on developement?.....Yes. Does it have technical hurdles............No. I think it...
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    Usable single-seater on 24 hp?

    The UFO, will need more, yes. But what a great design for big fun, dirt cheap and easy to build for a full aircraft. And efficient with what its has power wise for its mission. Its flying characteristics sure are a bonus and will impress on the flightline as well. A V twin would be great in...
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    CriCri MC-15 in NZ

    I like the way you have it. The distances are not great so easy access, with either hand or same. Yours makes it dead simple and hard to make a mistake. Very easy to scan and see whats happening and compare. I like it. Don't over complicate, no need to follow tradition, it is not a complex big...
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    Boeing - Design Issues...

    And apparently the wiring bundles are too close to eachother. Causing shorts! Wow, it just keeps getting better.........