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  • Only followed the info in the forum and then did a web search. I dont actually know the site off hand but will have a look

    I am actually in Sydney Australia.

    My knowledge is basically from electric Rc aircraft but the tech has moved in leaps and bounds. Many of the pancake motors are actually DC and brushed therefore are much heavier and less efficent than a brushless. The big ease with DC is the controllers are more easily found and cheaper but also heavier.
    A custom built brushless motor is also possible at what ever size you can imagine- again it is the controller that is the crucial part. They are coming to the market though and nothing one of the bright euro engineers couldn't custom make.

    Glad I can help

    Saw your latest post on the low aspect ration ultralight thread....informative, regarding some electric motors. Are you very familiar with Electric Motors for aircraft. I'm seeing most of those flying now have a pancake motor in the 22 kW - 50 kW range. I have an idea I wonder if it has been tried, but am unable to find any information that it has...I'd like to bounce it off someone with electric experience...
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    To: lightspeed

    Thanks for your veery informative posts. Wondering your name and location. Are you George? I am also on the winch design web list.
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