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    Gear drives and design

    Vigilante1. Having read all you provided and passing it on, it would appear I can't achieve a meeting of the minds on what we have discussed. My conclusion is there is much more to this that meets the eye. My first impulse is to split the difference, but being conservative I have taken the high...
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    Fillet best radius for wing-root junction

    What a great question- I heard that the aircraft designers use the Wind-tunnel finger method. They fill in the area between fuselage and Wing and create a smooth concave shape with their finger- then adjust that until they get the lowest drag numbers. I know that doesn't really help, but copying...
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    Barnaby Wainfan newsletter

    I'm also very interested. George
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    Aerobatic Tandem Two-Seater

    Riggerrob, The distance and area rules (leverage and area) are available for the best outcomes. Les than 3 times the MAC Chord is considered short coupled and requiring more tail feathers area, at the cost of Parasite drag. Someone told me the extra fuselage are is less than the extra HT and VT...
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    Non- Biased Engine Reviews -Viking

    Alessandre- lets see your design, I also have my own design - all Carbon low wing tandem, but not the development money, I'm hoping to win Lotto :) My engine choice is the Peripheral Ported Mazda Rotary, with the Powersport style PSRU. The Marcotte PSRU is also good. The beauty of the Rotary is...
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    Gear drives and design

    Vigiliant1. I checked with my Engineering friend in the States and he confirmed a single gear (one on one) would have HP efficiency of 90+%. That's where I got my 10% from. I can only assume 3 gears would be worse. I mentioned your heat calculations and he suggested that's why they need to have...
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    Gear drives and design

    rv7charlie, stay positive while you can, for myself at 73 I'm looking forward to Blessed Relief :). George
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    Belt Drives and design

    Certainly can't knock some who is well educated and trained to think and understand in a certain way - then there's the rest of us who must struggle with concepts and try to think outside the Box, striving for simplicity - where just maybe there's none. I know that feeling well. George
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    New Engine Manufacturer in Germany

    No doubt the Germans do good work, I wonder when they will put them out to China or India to get them made? George
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    Belt Drives and design

    Dog, If you do any experimentation with my suggestions using bearings, there's some things to consider, Pendulum travel, Lever arm (Radius) and weights naturally. On Pendulum Travel I would split the retainer into sections maybe 4 for smaller radius more for larger radius, if that makes sense to...
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    Belt Drives and design

    Thanks Billski, you certainly know your subject welI - I wish I did, but your explanations did cover a lot of detail. The attached by Dog also gave good information. I notice the Rattler is suggested to eliminate all vibrations, are you suggesting this is misleading. The Rattler to my mind...
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    Belt Drives and design

    Anyone thought of a Simple Tunable Pendulum Damper along the lines of 6ejguy flywheel weights, but more mobile, like ball bearing within a contained void. It would have to be tuned to the host engine. Powersport developed their own Pendulum Damper but it was expensive to manufacture, maybe we...
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    Strength by species

    From Memory I remember researching for a Spruce substitutive and finding Radiata Pine was acceptable. It has good strong grain but it is heavier. George
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    Is corrosion inside tubing a concern?

    Powder coating can be very stiff and will crack when the Chrome Moly flexes and you will incur unseen rust under the coating. George
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    VP-21A Single Seat / Yankee Luciole

    Vigilant1. Thanks for that info, I never really bothered to check those details of PSRU losses, but as you suggest something to look out for, especially for prop Calculations. God knows what the prop makers uses for their calculations with Reduction Units. I think I just mentally adjust those HP...