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    Changing cg for heavier firewall forward weight

    On reflection that may have been 200 lbs. George
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    Changing cg for heavier firewall forward weight

    S, I believe the Firewall forward limit is 300 lbs, that's everything from memory. If you can't keep it at that do what Billski suggests. I believe Steve Rahm used a 100hp Subaru engine initially. and the weight was OK. It may have been a EJ, not sure. George
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    Race 84 is Back!

    I wonder why they stopped making them? George
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    Aerobatic Tandem Two-Seater

    Rad-dude123, Everyone I know is using Riblett mainly for docile stall behavior, I'm using 37A 415, others are using 35A415 as Orion (Designer) apparently liked that one. I believe Billski is using one as well, can't remember which one. Their a modified NACA 6 Series, which is pretty good in...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    TFF, Sounds interesting, why look for a rubber mat to stand on when you already have it stuck to your shoes :) I think he may have suffered sore legs or feet. George
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    Planning to construct a good composite curing oven...request some feedback/input

    For smaller heaters to heat Foam for bending I used Fibrous cement sheeting (won't burn) and cooking foil stuck on with silicone. Any variation of that for bigger ovens would do, you don't need thick steel lining, just something for reflecting the heat and something that won't burn for the...
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    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    Rotax 618- Hello from Brissie! The following as I see it. The Tapered Wing is a Tad closer to elliptical than a 'Hershey Bar' wing, therefore a Tad more efficient, However a straight leading edge and a straight trailing should give the least distortion of what the air experiences as it travels...
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    Darrol Stinton's statement on wing AR(aspect ratio) for minimum induced drag

    I agree, stick to 6 to 9 for best AR I prefer 6 to 7 or at most 8, but different aircraft, different missions. Given the Spar Root needs to be the biggest section of the Spar and that thickness results on Chord length, AR is all a balance between competing considerations. Interesting...
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    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    I saw a model demonstrated of a very similar wing construction shape and it was very stable, so I like it. I guess some things are needed to be sorted out. I would be interested to see what happens if it's built. George
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    Looks like a Mustang?

    Did someone ask what the Airfoil is? TIA George
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    Spar cap material

    TFF, in regards to Tooling- ever hear of Bobbins, their stainless steel inserts where the Glass or Carbon is wrapped while maintaining some tension, some pins would also do but the Bobbins have a hole in them for mounting in structures - if desired. There is probably a number of ways of doing...
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    The new project aircraft VP 12. Ukraine

    Alex Lovely work, beautiful finish - one thing I was wondering about is the radius of the cockpit area Chine, looks rather sharp but looks can sometimes be deceiving. George
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    Spar cap material

    TFF, I have considered this myself, in Carbon rods they immerse the Carbon Tow in Resin as it moves to a die under tension, one to remove excess resin and 2 to maintain all the filaments in the desired direction. I would suggest just as much tension to do those two things. A bit of trial and...
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    Elevator balancing for tube and fabric tail

    Eugene, Simple answer welding aluminium weakens (makes brittle) the area next to the weld and that's were it will fail first, so no way around it, it's the nature of the material and the heat affected area around/ near/ next to the weld. George
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    Ideal Weight distribution

    Need Help 12, Don't we all need help at some time or other! What I ended up doing was cutting the fuselage drawing up in slices for Surface area calculations, found the circumference between slices (as an average) and added them all up, then I calculated the area between those slices and...