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  • Thanks, Will do!
    My wallet says making the airframe more slippery is easier than making more horsepowers so that's where I'm headed.
    A 12hp Honda GX390 single cylinder 4 stroke will be my first test mouse.

    Wishing you the best of luck as well,
    and if you succeed please don't forget to price the engine within reasonable dollars you see fit!

    Hi! I really liked your idea of lightweight 4 stroke engine.Followed the build posts but its been some time since you last posted. .Are you working on something else at the moment?
    Psssssst, any chance to hear soon anything about the BAP? ;-)

    Bst rgds


    PS: could you try to get in touch with a gentlemen Jaques Pijenborg in Holland Nieuwkoop, who has modified an VW Lupo engine to fly with it?!

    I've tried do do so but I never got an answer back.
    Hello Johan, do you have any plans to continue the wonderfull trip of thr BAP?

    rgds Erkki
    Hello Johan
    When are you boing to update the Yahoo Group page again?
    Bst Rgds Erkki ;-)
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