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    Another affordable avionic - iLevil AP

    This system looks to use the same guts as the "autopilot hsi ap2000" Do we know if the ilevil autopilot system requires a separate ilevil AW module? Or is the airdate included in the ilevil AP LRU?
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    Mike Patey - Scrappy's Wing

    Apparently scrappy is going to be at the Garmin booth. Source, the flightchops video (14 minutes in)
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    Mike Patey - Scrappy's Wing

    It's what Boeing and Airbus have been doing for years. But agreed, in a much smaller package in the honebuilt airplane realm.
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    What about BOM?

    Not necessarily on the exact subject, but i recently found out about this cool little efis. Autopilot HSI AP2000 complete TURNKEY Kit (roll and trim). Out of FLORIDA shipping. – Aircraft Automation It has all your typical efis functionality and price like a Garmin G5. Plus it has Arinc 429...
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    Chinese v-twin diesel.

    Interesting. Is it oversimplified to assume that a direct drive chunky wood prop would be able to overcome some of the potential TV problems?
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    Are they planning on offering it as a kit? Also what's is the approximate price?
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    UK IFR panel

    Yes the 480 has a proper DME. Ie you can file your flight plan with equipment suffix/D.
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    UK IFR panel

    The cnx80/gns480 has a built in DME as well as being a NAV/COM/GPS. No ndb unfortunately.
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    Chinese v-twin diesel.

    Whilst doing the rounds on Alibaba, as you do. I came across the hercules dv210 diesel v-twin. It's weight for what it's worth is quoted at 85kg. And having had a quick chat with the merchant, apparently they are working on a 60 kilowatt version of the engine. All in all I believe that this...
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    Is there a 'complete unit' with nav/com/gps/adsb/xpnder?

    Lots of Doom and gloom here about flying IFR. It's really no different than anything else in aviation, firstly always have a plan b. And secondly don't get in over your head, take it slow. You should be fine.
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    Verhees delta d2

    I remember reading that the wing area wasn't changed other than the fuselage (If you can call it that) area that was extended slightly aft. So accounting for the increased wing loading would probably result in more stable aircraft.
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    Verhees delta d2

    Dear all, For your collective viewing pleasure. Here is a clip of the for Verhees Delta D2, being unfolded for flight.
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    Hi all, For your listing pleasure I have attached a podcast link on Gabriels electric Xenos build. Very informative, Gabriel goes into quite some detail about his background in electric flight as well as with Zero motorcycles. Well worth a listen should you find yourself with over an hour to...
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    FADEC/Prop Control for APEX

    I don't see the point.
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    Rx1/Apex fuel consumption

    Couldn't agree more.