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    FADEC/Prop Control for APEX

    I don't see the point.
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    Rx1/Apex fuel consumption

    Couldn't agree more.
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    Wanted JC Propeller Design Software

    I too would like to purchase a copy should it become available again.
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    Patriot UA - a new 5-seater composite aircraft from Ukraine

    Thank you for sharing your progress.
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    The Prop windmilling on RX1/Apex engines

    Vlad Serge also does psru conversions for the 4 cylinder (maybe others). I believe he has the most competitive price at $~2000 for the gearbox (spg4 derivative) and adapter. Tangogyro also has adapters and gearboxes for the 3 and 4 cylinder. Furthermore Teal is currently working on what appears...
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    The Prop windmilling on RX1/Apex engines

    Something akin to this I assume. My understanding is the teal has made a clutch-less apex psru in the past. And although he said on the Facebook that going forward he was only making the gearbox with a clutch. I'm sure that he might have an older one laying without a clutch for your application.
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    Spaceship 2 amphibian

    What is the general thought about such a configuration. A liftingbody with a close coupled t-tail. I would think that it might suffer potentially from deap stalls at high angles of attack do to blanking of the horizontal stabilizer. Also as the angle of attack increases, the fuselage would be...
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    How wide for a side-by-side?

    My design is for a 3 seat/semi staggered 138cm 54.5” wide at the hips. The canopy does bulges out slightly to allow for a few extra inches elbow room on either side. It should be cosy inside with all seats filled.
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    Boeing - Design Issues...

    David, thank you for the good write up. Hopefully Boeing will be able to get the aircraft back into compliance and into into the air again.
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    Boeing - Design Issues...

    Okay, can we please dispell the notion that US pilots are somehow superior to pilots worldwide. All over the world you will find good pilots and not so good pilots. Boeing lied and coerced the regulator to push though shotty engineering. Regulators worldwide have now realised that the aircraft...
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    Airventure Coupon Code

    Yeah the code works. :ban:
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    Oshkosh 2018

    I will be there
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    Aero Friedrichshafen (April 2017)

    Here is a pamphlet on the Geiger motors duel engine setup.
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    Aero Friedrichshafen (April 2017)

    At aero I had a quick chat with the Geiger motors team. Geiger had three engines on engine test stands at aero. The first engine was a two rotor setup, connected to a belt type Psru. They second engine was the same as the first other then it having a planetary gear type psru. And third engine...
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    Aero Friedrichshafen (April 2017)

    I will be the guy wearing a Yellow Cub t-Shirt.