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    Suitable steel for all brackets etc.

    How expensive is 1.7734.4 sheet right now? It is one of the best steels for tig welding.The Extra aerobatic planes use it in all their fuselages.It's about 15% stronger than 4130. Certainly you won't be using that much of it,even though it is expensive.
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    Dynamic Soaring Blows My Mind

    No, upwind for sure,at least relative to the prevailing wind. The wind speed underneath the shear layer tends to be modest,and depending on conditions is mostl opposite to the prevailing wind close to the ground.
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    Snoshoo IF-1 Racer Construction / Technology

    There is evidence of the weight of water ballast in glider wings deforming lower wing surfaces,causing premature transition. Building a wooden or any wing with a smooth contour without accounting for surface pressures is foolish. The question for a serious non prepreg wing is how do I get the...
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    Any idea from where to get 4130 in Europe?

    A lot of the tubing that ACS sells is made in Germany by Benteler. in Sweden sells 4130. Regarding 15CDV6,or 1.7734.4 in Germany,I think it sells for above 50 Euros/meter.It is used on all the Extra planes.
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    Composites vs aluminum

    Some of the most lightweight applications of hand layup carbon can be seen with RC handlaunch gliders. These gliders weigh under 8 ounces RTF with a wingspan of 59 inches.The wings/tails are solid core Rohacell 31...
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    inexpensive but good alternatives to graphlite carbon pultrusions?

    Has anyone had a chance to try the Toray pultrusions: The strength and modulus values are even better than the graphlite, and going by the prices shown at Suter Kunststoffe,they are reasonable competitive...
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    Composite landing gear for Pitts S1SS

    A gear of the same shape and size of the aluminum one would weigh about 46 percent less if made out of carbon,mostly tow. I saw a picture of a carbon zivko gear somewhere.The Extra 260 had a glass tow gear,but it was quite a bit thicker than an aluminum one. All the Extra 300 gears are glass...