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    comparative weights

    The inside layer requires so little strength that one layer of glass is more than enough. Anything more would not be nessary
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    grass runway length

    alot of the rv guys are using rotary engines. Put a turbo on and it will be plenty quiet. But the prop is the real noise maker. I understand the prince P tips are quieter. I suggest you figgure out what you want an airplane to do...
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    Helicopter Structural Cracks

    News FLASH The Austrailian Navy, In consultation with the Austrailian Space Science Association (ASS A) has issued a premiminary report. Aparantly the huge cracks may have been caused by not tightening certian belts. The austrailian Navy feels certian this problem will be addressed fully...
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    Information please....

    if you look under for sale at canardaviation dust has the number of the guys he uses.
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    Questions, questions.

    Orion; One of the world experts says, is his book, now in its sixth edition, and highly recomended by many professionals in the feild of composits, you can replace 2 layers of glass with one of kevelar and save weight and have a stronger skin. You say it is not true. Can you give me ANY...
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    Questions, questions.

    Alex_Itenson; The longerons you are addressing are about as good as they can get with wood. The longerons forvide a hard point to resist "Crush" forces, for mounting things to and "point" load forces when pushing on it getting in and out of the aircraft. Less for structual reasons. Any...
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    Questions, questions.

    Rutan and Arnold use polystyrene foam (the blue stuff). It has great abilities for its weight. (2lbs per ft^3) and it is easy and safe to hot wire. Arnold uses the same technique for the Fuselage. You really should order the videos. Especially "How it's made". I reviewed Andrew Marshall’s...
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    Questions, questions.

    Orion; I started to wonder how much lighter my wings could be of done out of aluminum. I set out to compare a square yard of wing skin for Al compared to glass sandwich .25" thick (The Mike Arnold Method). Current Long and Cozy Wings do not use this method, but are solid core. I am...
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    Electric power,2554,63413,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1
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    Questions, questions.

    I just watched mike arnolds videos (again) He has an interesting light weight alternative to the rutan moldless construction. He puts a templat on the foam and cuts it and glasses it just like mr. Rutan does. Then he bondos a fram to it to keep the shape stiff. Then he puts another...
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    Controlling interests...

    On mike arnolds video he has a bell crank thing like you pictured above. One thig he had a cable for pull only, but i think he had friese alerons
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    Power steering for planes.

    I think all the early mach planes were direct cable controled. No assistance was nessary. Is this a stick force issue? Is is possable for a single seater to get stick forces that are above a few pounds?
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    Main gear conundrums.

    No matter how you do it the gear door will tripp the boundary layer. You wont have laminar flow rear of the gear door. I guess this is just too sexy for fixed gear.
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    What to build?

    The thread lists the limitations of conventional aircraft too. And the advantages of canards. And note that the most efficient aircraft in the world are canards, and have been ever since burt started designing them. Current CAFE record holder does 170MPH on 3.2GPH!!! Best yet would go...
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    What to build?

    I am in the cozy camp so figgure in the bias to what I say. Most people do not understand what "Aerobatic-capable" means. The Cozy can fly inverted. It can do "Aerobatic" manuvers. But any plane can roll, or get upside down, which is what most people think about. Beauty is in the eye...