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    Current state of Great Plains Aircraft?

    A quick update. I placed an order after I stated this thread and received it last week. I didn't get a tracking number, but the part was nicely boxed and it showed up quickly. Thanks Great Plains.
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    Current state of Great Plains Aircraft?

    Thank you Captain Obvious Sure I can do that. That is not the question I asked. I'm looking to see if anyone has ordered something in the recent timeline I stated, and received their order in a timely fashion. It's a small operation, not Aircraft Spruce. Again, has anyone actually bought...
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    Current state of Great Plains Aircraft?

    I'm interested in buying some VW parts from them. Has anyone ordered something from them recently? ( Like in the last couple of months) I do know Steve Bennett passed away, and read that the new owner has passed away too. Does anyone have an up to date SITREP? Thanks
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    Spark plug anti-sieze

    There is a torque range for each: 30 foot pounds is the top of the range for Continental and the bottom of the range for Lycoming. But you knew that didn't you?
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    Spark plug anti-sieze

    We use a graphite product in suspension and paint it on the threads. Seems to work great with Lycoming or Continental. Torque to 360 inch/lbs for all of them.
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    Rivet nuts in tubes?

    This ^ Rivnuts suck. If you have worked on aircraft for more than 10 minutes you will wholeheartedly agree.
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    IFR capable plane with auto conversion

    This is Bearly entertaining.:cool:
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    Health Wealth & Happiness

    or Karen and Ken
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    Intake Manifolds

    Are those something you fabricated, or did you buy them? Is there a divider of some type in them, or not? They look nice.
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    Pik-26 conclusion is near

    looks great! Congratulations
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    Tail Wheel Instruction - Dallas/Ft. Worth?

    You need some Pitts S-2 time with Budd Davidson or Steve Wolfe. You need to learn how to land a brick if you are going to fly that plane of yours. Decathalon time isn't the same thing. My .02
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    TIG, stress relieving

    Google it. Uses a different filler rod.
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    Valve Problem

    My question has nothing to do with the valve so no it doesn't matter. I'm asking another question as I'm starting to build a VW engine. I see a fried piston there, it's a question. Does every thread you read stay on track?
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    Valve Problem

    Was that a cast or a forged piston?