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    Timeless tale... cutting aluminum

    Before I start going to town using snips to cut out some aluminum ribs, I was wondering what you all determined was the best method to cut thin aluminum in the long run. water jet/CNC worth the cost/setup? Good ole snips and scotchbrite? Patience but covered in aluminum shards from a router...
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    Fuselage design

    I have several designs in my head that I’ve jotted down, configurations, engines, airfoils, even predicted performance specifications for a multitude of designs but while I’m an engineer I’m not a mechanical engineer and are more familiar with turbine engines than fuselage design and don’t...
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    Want CFI for taildragger in Colorado Springs

    Hello yall, I'm just looking for a tailwheel instructor to get an endorsement in Colorado Springs, CO. I'm a PPL and CFI - Glider. Thanks!
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    Glider going to Powered Aerobatics

    Hey guys, I have a lot of time doing Glider Aerobatics (Spins and essentially Sportsman) but have never really flow in a competition. I have had my PPL for two years and was interested in switching over to aerobatics in powered and competing. I have a couple questions. How much time will it...
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    Homebuilt Aerobatic Aircraft

    I know this thread is old but I feel as thought our questions was never really answered.
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    Acro sport or Acro duster?

    I was looking at two place aerobatic planes that could be capable, not necessarily competitively, of participating in beginner and sportsman that were more affordable than an s-2. From what I've seen, single seaters aren't bad but 2 place aerobatics are an expensive combination.
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    Acro sport or Acro duster?

    Are they the same plane? Thoughts?
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    Building a Raven (Kitfox I clone)

    I was interested in doing this as well. Could you keep us posted?
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    Aerobatic Monoplanes?

    I've seen both the dr107 and the z-200 in competitions. No two seaters though, do you think the extra seat is worth it?
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    Aerobatic Monoplanes?

    I've been looking around and decided I'll probably start building an aerobatic homebuilt in a year or so when my schedule really frees up. I've so far picked between the dr109 and the Laser Z-2300 by york but I can't really distinguish between either. It looks like they use the same engines...
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    Kr-2 (tandem?) or Nexus mustang build?

    I've been set on building a Kr-2/1 for a while until I found out about the nexus mustang. Does anyone have any information on the mustang? It's like the Kr's big brother. Also it addresses my biggest concern with the KR, payload @ full fuel. My brother and I are pretty heavy (194 and ~200...
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    Nexus Mustang plans

    Also looking for Nexus Mustang plans. Please send me a private message if you have some. Thanks Steve
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    KR-2S Plans

    Or Kr-2T plans
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    KR-2S Plans

    Anyone have KR-2s plans for sale?