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I am the local gearhead that builds planes for a hobby.

Tube and fabric, sheet metal, and fiberglass.
Sunfair, Ca / USA
Current / Future projects
These are the current planes I am building, they are all at various stages from about half, to flyable.
Smith DSA1, Quicksilver GT500, Quicksilver GT450 (this is a GT400 with a GT500 wing), Quicksilver MXLII, Phantom X1, VariEze, Talon XP, Cessna 172.
Past Projects
A description is a bit long here, so I thought that I would list some of the planes that I have built. (At least the ones that I can remember right now.)
Avenger, Buccaneer, Beaver, Carrera Cloud Dancer, Cobra, Delta2m, Eipper 'E', Explorrer, Gt400, Gt500, Kolb Firestar, Monerai, MX, MXL, MXLII, Sc