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    Homebuilt Aircraft Component Factory - A good idea?

    My Sri Lankan friend, the kit airplane market is pretty small and tooling up to do what you want to do would be a huge investment. I have never seen a photo of the Vans Aircraft assembly facility in the Philipines but here's a video of the Bearhawk Aircraft factory in Mexico. It will give you...
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    Looking for info on controlling airfoil shape in moldless composite wing

    The great sailplane pilot Richard H. Johnson measured wing waviness using a small trolley about 2" long with a dial indicator in the center. I could not find a picture but I have an article in my files. He would slide the trolley along the chord line and plot the dial reading. The plot would...
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    Purchasing homebuilt, confused with required inspections

    What! Socal, I am guessing you are from . . . Southern California. S. California is filthy with experimental airplanes. Absolutely filthy---with that great weather, those clear skies. . . . .... 🥴 But I digress. If you can't find a mechanic in S. Cal that would inspect an experimental, you...
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    Purchasing homebuilt, confused with required inspections

    there should not be any reason you can’t fix whatever is wrong and pass a condition inspection. Pazmany was a common design in its day. I believe the Taiwanese Air Force flew a version. Somebody will buy that airplane and get it flying again. . . . And rather easily by the look of it...
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    Loom the harness?

    Mil spec PTFE (Teflon) or ETFE (Tefzel) wire coverings are very tough. The covering might be cut where it passes over a sharp edge but IMO if it is bundled and secured so it doesn't flop around or vibrate and protected at obvious pinch points, it should be good. I use PTFE or ETFE wire here...
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    Purchasing homebuilt, confused with required inspections

    Is it this one? BARNSTORMERS.COM Find Aircraft & Aircraft Parts - Airplane Sale, Jets, Helicopters, Experimental, Warbirds & Homebuilt It looks good. Employ an A&P (or AI) who will do and sign-off a Condition Inspection with particular emphasis on what can go bad in 10 years of sitting. Then...
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    Propellor design

    I broke 1.75" off a 64"D three blade Performance prop (sawed off the other two blades to match) and it made very little difference in RPM or performance. Later I thinned and narrowed the tips and glassed it. Thin tips made a big difference. Gave me about 100 more RPM and of course, more RPM =...
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    Canard (deep) stalling.

    Check out the E-racer design which was initially designed to do put the engine just behind the pilots with a shaft drive. Subsequent versions used a standard aero engine
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    Balancing two Bing 54 Carbs on a Rotax 503

    An idea from motorcycles: Small diameter clear vinyl tube formed into a circle with a B-B in the bottom of the loop. Differential suction displaces the BB. It is fairly sensitive.
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    Composite wing spar web design - composite webs, foam webs, etc.

    This guy has a good site showing how the shear web that connects the spar caps are built in a Long-ez. Chapter 19 is the wing These structures are so quick and easy to build you could make a load-test item pretty quick
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    FS: Strojnik set, Stinton's Design o/t Aeroplane

    Bump. Stinton book is sold. Strojnik set available.
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    FS: Strojnik set, Stinton's Design o/t Aeroplane

    PM'd you about the Strojnik books. The Stinton book is spoken for.
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    BD5 Kits need completing

    See this is what I mean about knowing the history. The BD wings were already too weak for the airplane; the spars flex under G, the skins oil-can. The wing-loading would be prohibitively high for a two-seater version even with the long wings. The idea of a two-seater is just ridiculous unless...
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    BD5 Kits need completing

    A Harley seems like the worst engine one could choose for a BD-5. The engine pulses are strong and not evenly spaced (chuk-a-ta, chuk-a-ta). The pulses will twist the aluminum drive shaft through the sprague clutch on each pulse. Aluminum fails a little bit with each twist and spring-back...