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    Engines to replace the dominance of Rotax

    I think he's referring to air starters, and running out of high pressure air. With the high thrust line of the blue Moth, it would indeed be a full bother trying to start it.
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    Wanted Graham Lee or Airdrome Aiplanes plans

    Yeah, their website is fishy. It does strange things when I try to pay with PayPal. I think I'm going to drop them a postcard and ask if I can pay some other way. I've been toying with building would might be the first Miranda ever built.
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    I'm not following the sequence here. What does vacuum bagging the mold do for you? Are you infusing the presumably porous mold to seal the surface?
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    BoKu, this stuff?
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    Pictures of my 1835 cc, flywheel drive VW engine project

    Did you build this? What engine?
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    Pictures of my 1835 cc, flywheel drive VW engine project

    A F-9 will fly even better <grinning>. Not sure what can be done about plans in English for either though. Used to be you could get them from Australia. These MIGHT be bootlegs. It looks like the Frank Rogers redraws are now available here...
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    tube bending co. wanted Low melting point metal alloy. Fill the tube with it, bend with a suitable mandrels slowly and in stages, and you MIGHT be able to make this bend. Back In The Day of my mis-spent youth (I.E. 45 years ago...), there were shops in...
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    TIG, stress relieving

    I feel like TFF did a good job of answering your question. I HAVE heard (from a race car fabricator) though that TIG/MIG stress relieves on 4130 a lot cooler than cherry red. 250F was mentioned. And many do NOT bother, and seem to get along OK. And about brazing, the relatively course...
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    Moni Motorglider

    Have your tried moisture cured urethanes for bonding? They have better mechanicals and heat resistance than polysulfide and are available at any Home Depot. I've been tempted to make up some test coupons and come up your way and break them with the Break-A-Tron. They use a lot of Acrylics in...
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    Moni Motorglider

    That narrow rib flange was not much good, IMHO, for bonding either. John saw what Richard Schreder (they were friends) and Jim Bede were doing with bonding, but didn't seem to get a full understanding of what Dick in particular was up to. The relatively wide, closely spaced FOAM ribs of the...
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    Tinbuzard - One off design

    Southern California, according to his sig/avatar.
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    Bruce crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and his estate shut down the web site, no longer sells plans, and will not entertain someone buying the rights and continuing support. I have a set of "Early Builder" plans. It's well thought out.
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    Another Ace Aviation - Redrive for Honda Silverwing. 50 hp 4 stroke engine.

    This engine in scooter usage has a stator mounted on the output shaft of the engine to generate the electricity needed to run the ignition and the fuel injection. All this business is integrated with the transmission on the scooter, which is obviously absent in this application. What does the...
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    Cylinder and engine paint questions.

    The VHT high temperature paints have a lot of metal salts in them, and actually hold heat in. Thinned regular enamel is better for heat dissipation. Paint the case, paint the barrels, leave the heads bare, IMHO.
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    Epoxy resin in Australia.

    What are you using the epoxy FOR? Gluing, or preserving the wood? T-88 is great GLUE, but it's too viscous to use as a sealer. The WEST System, or System 3 should be available at yachting centers - they start out thin enough to use in sealing the wood, but can be thickened up to bond joints...