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    Water Injection for Industrial V-Twins

    Complete setup with about the right flow rate Retrofit Kit (Installs In Any Hydration Pack) Sale Ends 11/1/20 Don't know if it will stand methanol.
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    Water Injection for Industrial V-Twins

    Another nozzle idea Superfine Misting Nozzle (5 Pack) The lowest flow size, even at 40 psi, flows more than I think a V-twin Industrial needs.
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    Water Injection for Industrial V-Twins

    Parsing some of the automotive sites, they suggest water/methanol ratios around 15% of fuel flow, up to 25% , for NA engines. This is to effectively boost octane to allow more advance and compression. I'll have to do some math, but let's say fuel flow for 40 hp is 2 gph. 6-8 ounces per hour of...
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    Swaged Studs on Control Cables.

    You are quite right! I think for the teeny line sizes homebuilts require it would be pretty easy to fabricate from bar stock. Installation video
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    Water Injection for Industrial V-Twins

    ...has been suggested for cooling at high power levels. Have you done it? How would you do it? I have my thoughts, after researching it a bit, but I'm wonder what the GroupMind thinks.
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    Long term integrity of resorcinol glue

    Resorcinol is approved for use in STRUCTURAL laminations for building construction, of presumably infinite life. Somewhere, in the technical literature, there are studies backing this up, but I could not find one in publicly available free literature in the 5 minutes search before suppertime...
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    For Sale Craigslist

    Global 1/2 VW for sale in Sebastapol https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/avo/d/sebastopol-global-1-2-vw-light-aircraft/7213466716.html
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    Aeromarine 60hp V-Twin Engine

    http://www.gk-engine.com/ Take a look for yourself. I cannot tell from the website what the crank end looks like, because in their current offerings, it's hidden. If you're buying one of these engines from China, you'd be paying for and shipping a bunch of stuff you don't need - that's what I...
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    Aeromarine 60hp V-Twin Engine

    Generally, the CVT case is integral with the engine case, so there is no easy way to get rid of it.
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    Wanted rudder hinges as used on airdrome kits

    LEAF (now owned by Wicks) still has the Maxair Drifter type hinges, except they call them brackets. http://www.leadingedgeairfoils.com/engine-airframe-accessories/hardware/brackets/bracket-1.html
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    miranda airplane

    The lift and V-struts are 1-5/8 inch 0.058 wall ovaled to 1-7/8 by 1-1/8". Carlson's small extrusion says "Stronger than but compared to 1.275 Dia x .065 wall 6061T6 tubing". WEIGHT = 0.517 #/FT vice the As-Designed tubing is .371 #/ft.
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    US Made Redrive for industrial V-Twins

    Ace Aviation is probably well-known to readers of this forum, Lone Star Hovercraft perhaps less so. http://lonestarhovercraft.com/reduction-drives/ Roughly $200 more than their South Asian competition. I see nothing to choose from between them. Neither of them have a torsionally soft element...
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    miranda airplane

    Use HOME | nieuports but their webpage is weird, and their online ordering is flakey. Best use their contact page to ask them questions. They ARE still a going concern.
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    miranda airplane

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    miranda airplane

    Answering my own question, the Dawn Patrol guys got an HVAC sheet metal shop to use a 10 ft computer controlled press brake to do it. An hour of shop time to do all the tubing for 2 Nieuport replicas. Another guy did it with a home build press Oval Tubing Press