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    Flight Test Areas for us Urban Dwellers?

    Thanks, that is sort of what I thought. Gnoss has hairy winds. I've been there when the wind socks at each end of the runway were pointy ends towards each other. But you're right about weather being better once you get a little away from Alcatraz, more than once I had to divert to Concord...
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    Flight Test Areas for us Urban Dwellers?

    Does anyone have any idea what sort of flight tests areas have been assigned for the San Francisco Bay Area? Specifically, KOAK or KHWD? KCCR would also be of interest. Is it even possible to do initial flight testing given the Class C airspace over KOAK down to the ground? Those of you based...
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    modern equivalent to doped canvas?

    lots of pictures of skin boats in their web site.
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    carb adjustments for Mosler CB-40 on a Mini Max

    Propane or butane will also work for finding intake leaks. And a recent post in FlyCorvair was about troubleshooting an engine down on power at full throttle. To make a long story short, the cam timing was off. Camshaft vs crankshaft was at least one tooth out. I don't know of any way to check...
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    P-51C at ~70% scale as ultralight?

    Your reward will be TERRIBLE aileron response. You want you ailerons big at the wingtips, to maximize their moment arm on the roll axis. The Thatcher CX-4 tapers the ailerons like this, and the Only Fair aileron effectiveness is one of the few complaints about this airframe.
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    Any good sites or tools to find hangar or shaded storage?

    Their is such a thing as purpose designed "shade cloth". UV resistant, which weedmat is not so much, and it's much better structurally. Shade Cloth: Lowest Prices, Best Shipping | Greenhouse Megastore
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    Bending Yield Fty Recycle Yard Aluminum

    In the traditional Brinell test, the ball size, and the indentation pressure are standardized, for several reasons: comparability between operators and across metals, and to allow use of pre-computed tables are a couple that come to mind. The app Proppastie links to allows any size indenter and...
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    Rotor hub for pulley end

    I bought one from Steve Bennett when he was still alive and running Great Plains Aircraft Supply Company. Later it seemed like they only wanted to sell the complete kit for the flywheel drive. This is Aluminum, and only the left hand threads (to "pump" oil back into the crankcase) and the...
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    Used Kohlers, POTENTIALLY suitable for SMALL, LIGHT aircraft use, are dirt cheap

    I bought one, a CH25, for about 1/4 of new. Particularly if you're going to be breathing on them anyway (internal and external mods) and plan to take it to bits, it makes starting with a Kohler at least as attractive as a new two cylinder Predator, which has poor parts and technical support...
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    Using Epoxy To Seal Wooden Wings and Fuselage

    WEST was designed for use with wood, and is more flexible than epoxy specialized for lamination. I would NOT use any of the other epoxies in the Aircraft Spruce catalog. I WOULD consider other brands of BOATBUILDING epoxy, such as RAKA or Total Boat. If you live in California, TAP Plastics...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I started working down the 4th test club blank for my Kohler V-twin FWF development project. Eiffel test clubs to establish the hp curve.
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    Stewart Systems Alternates/substitutes

    If it's Shiny yer after, Polythane. Saw a beautiful cub last weekend. Stits all the way. Silver, then a white coat, and Cub Yellow Polythane. It was drop dead gorgeous, and the cover job was 5 years old already.
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    Stitch and glue (or tack and tape) airplanes?

    "Tortured" plywood is actually a slightly different technique, of inducing <slight> COMPOUND curves in plywood, by forcibly manipulating panels that have been edge joined. The boats shown in this thread have used "developable" sections, where a single "ruling" line defines the curvature. The...
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    Stitch and glue (or tack and tape) airplanes?

    Given the frightful expense of high quality thin plywood, I'm not sure I see the advantage. The weight might be a little high too. And would you put the fillets on the inside or the outside? I've seen boats built both ways. But to answer your initial question, I've never seen or heard of...
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    Cam for 1835cc

    Use ratio rockers to get a little more lift. Schneider cams has a grind developed for wind machines to protect orchards the works great if you really want to spend your stimmy check.