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    An example Kohler

    That's exactly it. And the plastic intake manifolds flow better than the cast aluminum ones. MWSC and/or Zach Kerber sell two barrel carbs/manifolds, and dual carb setups, but at the RPMs I...
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    An example Kohler

    MWSC sells a "breathed on" stock downdraft carb with an adjustable main jet, and a larger fuel delivery tube. That's what this "stock appearing" engine is using, with a billet venturi adapter to a 3 inch outlet K&N filter. Rework Downdraft Carb for 25HP Command The Stahls (the family behind...
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    Unlimited Air Racing Dead?

    RARA and the Reno tourist board could easily do this with a well designed survey of attendees. Get a little demographic data while you're at it. If I can do it for my quilt show with NO money, they can do it. Amen. It's is incredibly easy and cheap to buy some eyeballs in a very directed way...
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    Youtube videos of Braziliam flywheel drive conversion

    It also improves mixture distribution, which is notoriously bad on carbureted VW aeroconversions. At the cost of a little power due to the heating of the mixture...which you may actually gain back due to the improved mixture distribution.
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    Cowling fasteners

    I'm a fan too, they don't wear out and get sloppy as quickly or as badly as Camlocks. I think that they are more costly in parts and labor than Camlocks though, which is why generations of Cessnas soldier on with what I consider to be an inferior closure. It can be a bee-yatch to pull the...
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    An example Kohler

    Pretty common across all the V-twins, in fact, I think they are standardized. Figuring out where to anchor the upper pulley is a little harder, unless your PSRU is stiff enough to essentially cantilever it off the lower attachments around the PTO shaft. That seems to be the approach taken by...
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    An example Kohler

    A relatively mild, built, used, pulling engine. Started with a 25 HP Kohler Command, bored and stroked to 50.5 cubic inch. Mid West Super Cub 3" crank, Billet rods, 4000 RPM cam kit. Adjustable main jet carb. Adjustable billet aluminum flywheel. Listed at $2,795 (starting from a new engine, you...
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    Wooden structure reinforced with carbon fibre

    Oh, this is GOOD! At least in my Browser Of Choice, Chrome, linking to this document gets an English translation. The figures in the original French document are juicy. The short story is they reviewed the design while discussing their analysis method, then built a spar and a whiffletree to...
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    Lamb undercarriage in a KR2 - seeking any info at all

    Pictures! Never heard of it, and subscribed to the KR newsletter for a long time.
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    Lamb undercarriage in a KR2 - seeking any info at all

    From memory, so confirm this. The KR-2 originally had a very simple retractable gear. The original gear was not very good. The latches would rattle loose on rough fields, dumping the plane onto its belly; it took a lot of juggling, in a barely positively stable airplane, to get the gear down...
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    Hummel is flying an Ultracruiser with a Predator

    I was NOT. Friends were. And one of them relayed that the PSRU is the creation of Matt, the new owner of Hummel Aviation. It's a pretty low ratio, 1.7 to 1. And the three bladed prop is needed to get enough blade area to absorb the horsepower while keeping sufficient prop clearance. Dennis...
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    Hummel is flying an Ultracruiser with a Predator

    The new owners of Hummel Aviation have been hinting at other engine option, and at the Gathering last weekend, they showed their hand. Predator with billet rods, hotter cam, lightweight flywheel, charging coils deleted, belt psru, heads shaved to raise the compression, governor removed. The...
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    Rubber Discs for Shock Strut

    The aluminum washers provide a lot of frictional damping, as the rubber scrubs against the aluminum as it compresses. In most installations I've seen of this particular type, the washers are a good bit bigger in diameter than the uncompressed rubber, to maintain that damping action longer in...
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    Re-drives Belt or Chain ?

    Someone who gives every appearance of knowing what they are talking about lays out the issues. Short Summary: Straight cut spur gears running in an oil bath are the Way And The Truth.
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    The CFM Shadow - thoughts, opinions?

    Umm, let me try this again. The Streak Shadow is not currently available new. What airplane in this class, CURRENTLY on offer, is as good or better?