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    Hi Kaitlin,

    Everyone once in a while I get to work with and for MTV in some of their high energy, high hazard productions as their set safety director, I have done a number of seasons and an number of divverent shows.

    I have pitched the Dscovery chanel and other about a show on home building and gopt no where so it seems ironic that I should see your post. unfortunately I would find it an impossibility to transport to SFO or the Bay area for first flight but would really enjoy chatitng with you on your project. Let me kow if you have an interest in chatting and I can give you a call or we can work something out.

    Hello Kailtlin
    A well known art director and myself have come up with a format for a television series along the lines of what you are doing. If you would like to chat sometime about it feel free to call me. My Cell number 520-971-0680. Regards Rick Barter
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