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    First applications of composite material in home built or GA aircraft

    One of the entrants in the first Goodyear air race in 1947 was the "Californian" NX67893, race # 95 built by Ed F. Allenbaugh - this aircraft had a molded fiberglass fuselage shell.
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    About the " church midwing" racer of the 30'

    Eek! It's supposed to be "Roger Don Rae", a well-known race pilot of the 1930's. He did test flights in a number of raceplanes including all four Folkerts racers and the Pearson-Williams "Mr Smoothie" and thereafter had a long career as a top airline pilot. I met him at Sun 'n Fun back in the...
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    Closest thing to an all metal F1

    Bill Falck's "Rivets" had an all-metal wing but the fuselage and tail were steel tube with fabric covering. NOT RECOMMENDED to build a flying copy as the tail surfaces were much too small, it had minimal control at low airspeeds
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    Air racing...could it become a bigger sport ?

    I can't speak for other countries, but here in the USA it would be very, very difficult to start up any new pylon air racing class, or to restart the Formula V class. An FAA waiver is required to conduct a pylon air race, and currently the only organizations permitted to receive an FAA waiver to...
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    Broad new UAS rules proposed today

    Let the 'whack-a-drone' games begin!! There must be fifty ways to knock down a delivery drone – sure, it's illegal to interfere with a drone, but since when did the law deter thieves? Local communities need to wake up to the cost burden of drone package delivery. Presently, the delivery vehicle...
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    DT6 F1 Racer

    Yes, that is Wittman's #1 "Witt's V" in the background. This was its first event with the elongated triangular tip wings. The Sturgis KY June 1977 race was also the first official Formula V race. Wittman won, Charlie Terry was second in #14 "Beetlebomb" and Verne Willingham was third in #7...
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    DT6 F1 Racer

    I was there at Cleveland that weekend but did not witness the accident. I spoke with many other air race participants the next day and heard the details from them. There had not been air races at Cleveland in a number of years, and it had taken a lot of work behind the scenes to get the air...
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    With due respect to all the expertise on this board, I had thought that someone would have answered this quiz from a few days ago on the Piaggio-Pegna PC7. The minor design problem was that the rear hydrofoil surface was below the water prop, thus lifting the water prop out of the water as they...
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    How to make a propeller driven aircraft go really fast ?

    Take a look at the Italian Macchi-Castoldi M.C. 72 which set a world's speed record of 440 Mph in 1934 - a record that still stands today for piston-engined seaplanes. Contra-rotating props solved the problem of excessive torque...
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    DT6 F1 Racer

    In my opinion, the horizontal stabilizer on Rivets was too small, resulting in poor controllability at low speeds, which was the cause of Bill Falck's fatal crash at the 1977 Cleveland air races.
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    How about the Italian Piaggio-Pegna PC.7 ?? Often described as "the most beautiful airplane that never flew", it was built to compete in the 1929 Schneider Trophy race for seaplanes. For increased speed, the designer eliminated the bulky floats as seen on other racing seaplanes. At rest, it...
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    Human Powered Flight

    How about the "Japan International Birdman Rally" held each year above lake Biwa in Japan ? Contest for HPA teams, HPA take off from a ramp on the lake shore and are scored on how far they fly before they dunk into the water. In recent years several HPA have made it all the way across the lake...
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    Steve Wittman

    Okay, just found this after searching through my photo archives - Steve and me at his home in Oshkosh, August 1979. I was 30 and Steve was 75. The B&W photo we are holding is of Steve and his 'Chief Oshkosh' raceplane at Detroit, Sept. 19, 1937, after setting a new world's 100 Km speed record...
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    Broad new UAS rules proposed today

    The NPRM proposes harsh new restrictions on model airplane flying that will effectively outlaw the activity within a few years (via elimination of flying sites). AMA and EAA have already taken a strong position against this NPRM. If you feel strongly (as I do) against this NPRM, what you MUST...
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    Broad new UAS rules proposed today

    The FAA is under no obligation to consider any of the comments we make to the NPRM; we have seen many times in the past that the FAA considers themselves more expert and more knowledgeable than the airspace users they regulate. The only way we can have any voice in this matter is to immediately...