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    Tigre G-IV-B Aircraft Engines FOR SALE

    Tigre Engines - I have 2 and 1/2 Elizalde engines, these are the “Tigre G-IV-B” inverted inline 4 cylinder. These were used on the Casa 1.131/ BU 131, which is also known as the Jungman and the Dornier DO25 aircraft. The engines would need to be gone through. They are not complete but should be...
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    Ranger 6-440-C2 engines (2ea) and prop hub

    Ranger Engines - I have 2 each, Ranger 6-440-C2 engines. One Ranger includes the mags & carb. Both engines are mounted in custom-fabricated, engine stands or dollies. One dolly can rotate the engine 180 degrees just like the factory one. These engines also need to be gone through. No logs for...
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    National Museum of the U.S.A.F.

    Just a reminder for the 2018 WWI Dawn Patrol at the AF Museum. We have WWI homebuilt airplanes flying, reenactors, automobiles & RC scale models......jan
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    painting a C150

    Well it might, but the milling process, done at the aluminum mill, has added many more million craters. The metal prep "cleans" out the dirt in the microscopic world, and it's washed off. That is the IMPORTANT point I want to make. For a better bond consideration, then take an orbital sander...
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    painting a C150

    This is good. But after the metal conditioner treatment (containing phosphoric acid) prime with epoxy (PPG DPLF). This term "Etch" the metal or apply "etching primer" is stupid. You are "Cleaning" the metal. You ALWAYS want clean metal and the metal conditioner will do it and then it's ready for...
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    Round Tube Spars with leading edge sheet

    I understand the front spar and the sheeted L.E. (good engineering), but that rear spar does nothing (unless its to strengthen the aileron attachment, probably so). Furthermore, I would add a sheet metal "C-channel" main spar around the 1/4 cord. For T.E. material, a 1/2" tube would be just fine...
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    World War I Dawn Patrol Rendezvous

    That's too bad. The weather is so beautiful this weekend. Watching the beautiful WWI homebuilts flying. Awesome. Jan
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    1/1 prop drive

    In my case, I will have my prop made anyway. The GM 2500 front (4 x 4) hubs have 8 bolts & 4-bolt mounting flange. Do you think there's any benefit to going with the bigger 2500 hub? I think its viable. Jan
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    Junkers: flattened tube ends and spanwise tubing

    Here's a better picture of the spar juncture. The J.I's fuselage was fabric covered, but the very later J.Is had the corrugated aluminum. The wing structure was a "space frame" and so the corrugation covering only added rigidity in the cord direction. Your first picture posted is the framework...
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    Junkers: flattened tube ends and spanwise tubing

    No. They are riveted. All of those tube members are riveted to the junctures. The junctures are "steel" and are rolled (a complete 360 deg) & welded sheetmetal. The tubing is aluminum. Also, be careful when referencing the Junkers models. That Junkers biplane in Ottawa CA, has a military...
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    Wanted Dream Classic Knockoff Plans

    It doesn't look like a big deal to design it yourself. Roberts has some videos, and in one he's building a Dream Classic wing. rudder construction - YouTube
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    Wright Flyer replica crash

    I found this Wright B Flyer replica crashes
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    Dynamic Prop Balance equip info req.

    Very interesting stuff, I would love to understand the theory behind this. Jan