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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Bravo to the moderators for re-instilling a sense of civility, and a requirement for treating each other with sincere respect... regardless of our different approaches to solving the challenges we face in our aviation quests... In the history of aviation, empirical scientist's like the Wright...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    CheapR: you were kind enough to show "The Mongrel in You" by your obnoxious response to my effort at acknowledgement... But where is your "technical response" to my observations RE: the counterbalance lever & weight attached to the aft flight control surfaces and it's effect on the control...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Having just watched the 1st flight video, I observed what appears to be a counter balance weight on a long lever coming off the airleron.. bobbing up and down, and possibly dragging the flight control surface with it. If this is a correct assessment, the flexibility of the "long Lever" may be...
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    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    As the former pilot/ builder of multiple pusher powered Mitchell Flying wings, I believe the basic B-10 wing to be state of the art, even today. Don Mitchell, member of the original flying wing design/ build team... developed the original B-10 wing as a hang glider. In the 1980's several of us...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    I am curious now... has Peter ever asked the opinion of anyone or every one involved in this homebuilt experimental aircraft forum? If not, how do any of the "Samuel Pierpoint Langley" types of experts feel justified in being angry & derisive when he does not "Heed" their valuable input? What...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Deuelly; Perhaps you overlooked the fact that there were no competent, experienced aero "engineers" when the Wright Brothers were working to perfect their art. The leading "aeronautical authority" of the time was Dr. Samuel Peirpoint Langley of the Smithsonian. At the request of the WB, he...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    I have been a HBA member (and mostly silent observer) for nearly one year now. Having been a member of the Apollo launch team, as well as the initial launch team on the Johson-Sea-Link research submersible (it located Challenger after catastrophic failure), and having received 3 separate...
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    Static thrust

    An easy and relative inexpensive solution is to acquire an IvoProp ground adjustable propellor. I have a 54" two blade unit and have recently replaced a 25hp KFM 107ER twin cylinder light sport aircraft engine with the next size up. The KFM Maxi is a 30 hp engine which maxes out at approx 6500...
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    Ridge Runner 1?

    Has anyone else with a Ridge Runner 1 employed a KFM 107ER 25 hp twin cylinder electric start engine? The total weight for engine package is approx 50 lbs. These engines are available with some research.. as I have acquired 3 of them.... One is the 30 hp "MAXI" which I just mounted on my RR. I...
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    Wanted Plans for Rocky Mountain Wings "Ridge Runner" UL/LSA Aircraft

    Victor Bravo; My email is JSample40@gmail.com. If you will contact me there we can discuss copying the technical info I presently have on the RR. Jay
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    Website/Forum Navigation?

    As a newbie, how does one become familiar with the navigation procedures used to move between the various places on the website? Where can I find this info? And how to access it??? Thanks, Jay Sample
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    Wanted Plans for Rocky Mountain Wings "Ridge Runner" UL/LSA Aircraft

    Victor/ Bravo & Ingrampba: I acquired a Ridge Runner I recently... with a construction manual amounting to approx. 70 pages (many printed both sides) which includes multiple parts list pages. Assuming no "emergency rush" required, I am willing to have my manual copied at Office Depot and send...
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    Mitchell Wing

    Good Morning Tom; When is the best time to have a phoncon? Today being Sunday, I have some family obligations to attend to... but can be available late this afternoon or this evening. Tomorrow I will be doing some finishing touches on my RR prior to resuming high speed taxi runs... This is my...
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    Jedi; You were correct in your assumption re: Mitchell Wing with 24 hp being viable. I know, I...

    Jedi; You were correct in your assumption re: Mitchell Wing with 24 hp being viable. I know, I built two of them... started with a 12.5 hp McColloch engine... then an 18 hp Zenoah engine; Then a Honda Oddessy; then a 25 hp KFM. All set up in pusher configuration. All stable except Honda.. too...