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  • Hi ,PJR,
    When I made the videos they were for the owner of the airplane that I was working on I did not think of selling then at the time. I happened to buy a DVD recorder and I was transferring my videos from tape to disks years later and I got the idea to try selling them. Actually the videos as they are are a treasure trove of information not readily available else where. There are plenty of manuals that describe the covering precess. The hard part of rebuilding an airplane is per-pairing it for covering and reassembling it after it has been covered. Covering is dead easy just a lot of tedious hand work.
    I work by the hour at $15/ and it usually takes 500 hours. Most airplanes need sand blasting ,priming , new wiring, cables and wing work just to get ready to cover. The materials cost $5500+. Right now I have all the work I can do for at least a year.
    No, Joe, the discs are fine, I meant to say you could narrate the processes and the stages of recovering. I'm happy with the discs! By the way,
    what does it cost nowadays to recover a PA-18 that may need some tubing work on lower longerons?
    Hi PJR,
    I am stumped at what you are saying. I test all of the DVD disks in a separate player to be sure that the audio is there. Send me your address and I will send replacements.
    Joe Fisher
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