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    Boxer style crankshafts ?

    Hey, PMD, your mystery is now solved. In the 1960s GMC put two V6 engines together end-to-end. 702 cubic inches, almost 1500 lb in running order. Of interest to the corvair tribe is their distributor setup. Take a look. Here's the link: 702ci Thunder V12 GMC - Car Craft Magazine JPS
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    Boxer style crankshafts ?

    Take a look at the Hexadyne P-60. A flat twin set up somewhat like a Harley. HD cylinders are not offset, they use a forked rod on a common crankpin. The Hex is quite different, uses two small rods flanking the opposite cylinder. Two crankpins. Note that modern vertical twins (say...
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    VW Heads for Aircraft - Billet

    There are lots of lessons from the Suzuki bikes of the 1980s and early 90s. They raced four-valve bikes using air-oil cooling. The engines had two oil pumps, the secondary had high flow and low pressure, primarily cooled the heads through a large oil cooler. Finning was what I considered...
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    Jabiru 2200 valve seat question.

    Good info on modern valve seats for engines with relatively high outputs: Understanding Today’s Valve Seats out Dura-Bond are a US supplier of these seats. (I have no financial or otherwise relationship with D-B. See Powder Metal Valve Seats - Dura-Bond Bearing Company D-B makes a power-metal...
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    Reduction drives

    I do believe Alfa made a similar straight-8 with power taken from the center.
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    I finally became a pilot, and now I'm completely confused about my future build.

    Build a Legal Eagle, fly it for two years. You need the experience in the air more than spending hours and hours in the workship. Also, rent a few different airpalnes. Build the LE with full covering, it will cruise at 70 mph. A gas tank as per design, plus construct a gas tank that...
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    LPA is history

    Only adventurous women fly. They are fairly few, as women are naturally more risk-averse. This is actually a well-discussed issue in the academic field of evolutionary psych. Not going to change. Noting that fine looking women are used as eye-candy at sales events: guys, they are pushing...
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    Nerd alert! Airfoil Comparison: Modified NASA 65018 vs Clark Y, and NACA 23000 series

    Just FYI concerning the Titan Tornado wing. This is just my personal experience. I flew a Titan Tornado 2 with a 912 on it for a while. I climbed to 5000 ft and did some stalls. It would actually vibrate under light throttle conditions, with the flow detaching and re-attaching. Just that...
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    Bing 94 Carb and fuel pump

    I found a reasonably priced source for the float. Want to sell the fuel pump separate? Thanks for your quick reply. JP Straley
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    Bing 94 Carb and fuel pump

    Still available?
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    Plasma Stream drag reduction

    Your question about amps wires weight is exactly what I'm asking. Those guys at Plasma aren't very chatty. I have a draggy little thing based on the old Preceptor. A boxy welded steel fuse. There's a plane that might benefit from simple improvements to fuse drag. My airplane has no flaps, I...
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    Plasma Stream drag reduction

    Hello Everyone: I've been reading about a drag reduction device aimed at reducing drag on large trucks. Plasma Stream is the company that advertises their technology. At the web site it shows a video, a flat plate in a stream of air. Increase the angle of attack and flow detaches, which is a...
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    Bing 94 parts needed

    Hello Everyone! I have a jab 2200A that I've been putting on an airframe for two years now. So, first start, right? Eh, gas floods out the carb and I find I apparently have a hole in one of the floats. I'd like to put new floats and float needle/seat in it, but gosh the prices for new...
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    Need AeroVee alternator stator

    Vigilant: I did buy that stator, it was actually brand new. Thanks for your comment. JPS
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    Need AeroVee alternator stator

    Hi, guys...JPS here If you have that stator, maybe you have the entire flywheel. I'd buy that, too! JP Straley