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  1. J

    Would planes be better if they were more like birds?

    This thread is a treasure chest of info on bird flight - thanks all! Don't know how i missed this for so long.... I'd like to understand though how a lot of these ideas could aver be applied to human flight and the large Reynolds numbers and wing loading typically involved? My understanding is...
  2. J

    Looking at Sandlin Goat.

    I've flown a Goat a mate of mine built - great fun! I think ultralight lessons (or wood and fabric glider experience) would be helpful - but it' not a difficult aircraft to fly. Turns are largely flown by rudder, stick just controls bank angle. Straight stalls are benign with my weight (~ 75kg)...
  3. J

    Struts on a Glider

    Apologies if this has been mentioned before.. similar to a few here i have designed (and started building) a microlift glider - mainly because staying sub 70kg makes life so much easier in down-under - it becomes a hangglider with no certification requirements. If building in carbon, the mass...