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    Epoxy and Acetone

    Hi Guys, There is nothing wrong with being over cautious with chemicals. I'm starting to get a little older, and the longer I've been around, the more I notice that guys who worked with chemicals without any protection are either not enjoying their later years because of severe organ damage...
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    Suggestions wanted for amateur built tow planes

    Pipistrel Virus SW. With the 100 hp 912uls, it tows better than a Citabria, no contest. No shock cooling since it has liquid cooled heads, and descent rate after release is 4500fpm with spoilers. Empty weight is 640LBS, so the horsepower it has is not wasted on powering the tow plane. When...
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    Trip of a lifetime, around the world in a turbocharged ultralight

    Hello Everyone, This adventurous guy just started flying around the world in a Pipistrel Virus Equipped with a Rotax 914 turbo, and a modified fuel system carrying a total of 350 litres of fuel. you can track his progress from his blog and "Spidertracks" tracking website. He is a...
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    mode s Transponder programming, how to convert ICAO 24 bit AA in HEX-format?

    thanks, (my five year old grew up to be ten, and didn't know how to convert either)
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    Let's tell our own stories about the fastest climbs ever experienced!

    I was flying from Sangudo to Whitecourt, Alberta, in an ultralight Challenger II. It was a completely calm summer day, I was at 4000ft ASL, suddenly my seatbelt was keeping me from smashing my head into the roof, then I was pushed into my seat so hard I was worried my wings were going to rip...
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    mode s Transponder programming, how to convert ICAO 24 bit AA in HEX-format?

    Anyone know how to turn my aircraft's registered 24-bit address: 110000000010110110010100 into HEX format (should be six digits/letters) Thanks (I've got a Pipistrel VirusSW with a 100hp rotax)